Saúl Ñíguez: "Winning the Champions League this year is different from any other"



The fans of Atlético de Madrid can breathe easy after the announcement a few days ago in which Saúl Ñíguez announced his new project. Finally, the man from Elche has unveiled an initiative with the Elche grassroots football team while he has analyzed the football news for TVE with the return of the League due to the pandemic of the coronavirus .

After joking about the commotion between the Atletico fans, the Atlético midfielder and the National Team have shown themselves "prepared for the return of football" and confirms the improvement of the injured Joao Félix and Correa .

The club has adapted very well to the new situation

Regarding the return of the competition, he claims to be working very well since "the club has adapted very well with the first individual training sessions and the increasing role of the ball on the basis of a good job personally. from home due to confinement ".

Prioritize the League

After acknowledging that some fear has passed, "more for others than for me" on the return from Liverpool, he decided to pass the confinement in Madrid only after avoiding the quarantine in Elche.

We still don't know what the Champions will be like

Atlético entered the Champions League quarterfinals at Anfield and one of Simeone's key players acknowledges that they went to confinement "with the job done" but that they should focus on the League without detracting from what they can do in Champions: "If we won the Champions it would be nice, but it would be different after what is happening around the world."

He also added that the format with the that the European competition will return "if it will be a single match or not" so the priority is the League.

"Playing without an audience will mainly affect the refereeing aspect"

He was satisfied with the fulfillment of the mandatory protocols set by Health: "Both the League and the people de Sanidad is happy with how we are working "and shows a special concern for possible injuries since " it is not the same to train at the same intensity as in a match " to positively assess the new norm of the five allowed changes.

"One of the key aspects will be the arbitration aspect since, since there is no public, it will be a different atmosphere and when the environmental noise that covers some reactions disappears, it may lead to more expulsions," he analyzed.

We will feel the support of the fans in some way

"There are many times that maybe you say anything and it can be misinterpreted and since there is no noise that sometimes you don't listen to yourself, nor does the referee listen to you and misinterpret you," he continues.

On playing without an audience, he added: "Although our affiliation does not go to the field, we will feel sheltered in some way, many initiatives and ideas come to me that the fans have that will help us."

New project with grassroots football in Elche

The Atlético de Madrid player has confirmed that he has acquired the Costa City Club of Elche with 500 children and has explained how they are doing to focus the new project. The rojiblanco wants to "professionalize the club to make it bigger and bigger and give a comprehensive education to all the children who are part of it, where there is room for healthy life habits or the transmission of life values".

The footballer wants it to be a 360-degree project because "not only is the subject of football but also other aspects such as psychology or nutrition" provided by children who are close to the Atlético de Madrid and who have a future tools to make the leap to professional football. "


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