Santander League: Thebes and the future of La Liga: "We are going to end the season" | LaLiga Santander 2019

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Javier Tebas, along with the Kings Felipe VI and Letizia.
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The President of LaLiga, Javier Tebas is convinced that the Spanish football season is coming to an end and calculated in 25 percent of the income from audiovisual rights the economic damage that would be caused by not being able to finish the championship due to the coronavirus epidemic .

"I have been working through telephone conversations and videoconferences throughout the weekend with European institutions, presidents of Spanish clubs, because we have to coordinate and a very important week is coming," he said in statements to the program Tiempo de Chain game COPE.

Regarding the league championship and the possibility that it would have to be resolved in a "play off", he stated: "What we are handling now is that we are going to end the competition This week you can n make important decisions in Europe. "

"I have had contacts with Italy, Germany and other league presidents. We are working on giving a solution because the coronavirus is a health issue and for health there are the doctors, we are here to give a solution to the problem economic that is going to arise, what about the nearly one hundred audiovisual contracts that we have around the world. If you do not retransmit the signal you will not be able to collect that is clear, "he explained.

Thebes indicated that he is working with other leagues " to square the calendars ", but he was convinced that the season could be ended.

As for the LaLiga staff, they revealed that they have had two positive cases in coronavirus, although he is not affected: "I am not in quarantine. I have no symptoms and I have not had the test. We already had a action plan for weeks and we have implemented it. 95 percent in LaLiga are already teleworking. In Spain we have more than 400 people working and we have had to repatriate people we have around the world ".

"We have 25 percent of the season to play and the entire budget will have to be reviewed, that is the damage that can occur if the competition is not finished," he reiterated.

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