Santander League: The Government reverses 24 hours after the League returns and does not prohibit sporting advertising from bookmakers | LaLiga Santander 2019

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A little over 24 hours after the return of the Santander League the Government has terminated the ban on wearing sportsbook advertising on soccer team jerseys. This has been published this morning in the BOE after having been approved in the Council of Ministers .

This is one of the wars that the Minister of Consumer Affairs maintains Alberto Garzn very much against this advertising throughout his mandate. Last March, when the coronavirus epidemic began to advance and the government had to declare a state of alarm, the executive approved an urgent measure by which publicity was limited for the duration of the exceptional situation " directly or indirectly by any means or support "of gambling and online betting at dawn.

Now, almost three months after that and when Spain is still in a state of alarm, the Government has decided to end this veto on bookmakers, something that is done " for consistency with the greater flexibility regarding gambling established during phases II and III of the Plan for the Transition towards a new normality", as indicated by the text itself.

These companies sponsor the vast majority of teams in the Santander League, and allowing their advertising on the jerseys ensures a vital source of income for Spanish clubs . The Seville which disputes the city's derby against Betis this Thursday, being the first to advertise them. At the weekend it is the turn of Valencia, Granada, Mallorca, Legans, Alavs, Levante, Osasuna … All with the logo of a gaming company on the front of his shirt.

In this way, in addition to his name on the kits, once article 37 of that Royal Decree-Law 11/2020 of March 31 was annulled, the entities will be able to carry out " promotional activities aimed at attracting new clients or loyalty of existing clients that include how many savings, bonuses, bonuses, discounts, gifts of bets or games, multipliers of quotas or prizes or any other similar mechanism ".

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