Santander League: The Government authorizes the return of LaLiga from June 8 | LaLiga Santander 2019

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Pedro Snchez gives the green light to Javier Tebas's plan to resume the competition in First and Second on June 12.

Santander League: The Government authorizes the return of LaLiga from June 8 | LaLiga Santander 2019 5

Emerson and Loren and Roberto, on Tuesday, during a Betis training.

The Prime Minister, Pedro Snchez announced this Saturday that the Football League will return "the week of June 8", giving the plan the green light from Javier Tebas to resume the competition in First and Second the second week of June. The idea of ​​LaLiga is that the first game in the First is Betis-Sevilla, a priori on the 12th, and that before, on the 9th, the pending 45 minutes of the Second Rayo-Albacete are played, suspended in its day by the anticos Roman Zozulia .

"We are very happy with the decision, it is the result of the great work of clubs, players, technicians … CSD and agents involved. But it is very important to follow the sanitary norms and that the evolution of the pandemic respects us, we cannot let our guard down, "was the reaction of Thebes, through his Twitter account, minutes after Snchez made the government's decision public.

The news is an accolade for professional football, which after months of uncertainty can work from now on with a clear horizon, although from LaLiga they emphasize that the restart date is not yet completely closed. Between the week of June 8 and the end of July, the 11 days remaining in First and Second will be played, as well as the qualifying rounds in the second category.

Since the de-escalation plan began, on the 4th May, LaLiga's approach was always to work to return to the competition the weekend of June 12 to 14, thus fulfilling the minimum time of one month of previous training, set by the protocol of the Higher Sports Council that was endorsed by the Ministry of Health.

The Premier's calculations

That LaLiga plan received an important boost a week ago when the Government agreed to relax the relief measures for the areas of Spain that continued in Phase 0, in which there were 12 First and Second teams. The approval to start training in groups of up to 10 footballers allows LaLiga to maintain the schedule of return to competition for that June 12 and not have to postpone it to the following weekend.

Spain will join as well to other countries where professional football is taking up again. In Germany, the second day is celebrated this weekend after the pandemic, after having resumed the competition the previous Saturday. In Portugal, the return of the competition is scheduled for June 3, and in England it is valued for the same dates as Spain. Italy plans to retake its league, although not yet dated, while in France, Belgium and the Netherlands the season was permanently suspended by their respective governments.

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