Santander League: Surprise youth, fit veterans and a winning goalkeeper: this is how Zidane raised his strongest Madrid | LaLiga Santander 2019

 Zidane gives instructions to his players during a break.

Zidane gives instructions to his players during a break.

The calculator shoots striking figures on this Real Madrid leader who prefers to count and prepare games to jump into the refereeing mud. The most naive in Bernabu may be surprised to see contemporary Barcelona, ​​that of the almighty Leo Messi, clinging to the eternal complaint when things go wrong, with the president of the entity in charge of the choir. Others are not caught new, and point to the DNA of his rival. Zinedine Zidane showed his hast in San Mams but that slight rise in tone in the French speech aloe vera does not change the pulse to a wardrobe with the new script of his well-learned pattern .

Defense, pressure, up, care . The screams are repeated in Valdebebas training from the beginning of this strange season, where Madrid started -almost a year ago- being thrashed by Atlético in a friendly with conclusions and celebrations of the final and that now has three victories from the League title. She would be the second of ZZ in her three complete attempts changing this time the outfit of their own.

With him in front, they never scored so little nor – and here comes the key – they fit in as little. With 1.8 goals in favor and 0.6 against (the best figure since 1988 ), Madrid faces the final stretch of the championship with the numbers in hand. The four points advantage and the goal average would even allow him to stumble, assuming that the Bara signed in full in what was missing.

In the white house they believe that they will have a fight to the end, with the memory of the last party in La Rosaleda, postponed to the closing day of the 2016/17 tournament after an overwhelming sprint where they were forced to win the last six league games. Now things are very different since they did not have the scoring fire of Cristiano Ronaldo . Spread the mission to score and without the success of the Portuguese, Madrid squeezed much more its offensive fruits thanks to the padlock on the back, with a goal-winning goalkeeper like Thibaut Courtois, who aspires to the Zamora trophy 12 years after the last target (Iker Casillas) did it.

Two bad experiences

They tell about Zidane that the end of last season and the chagrin of that 7-3 rojiblanco in New Jersey they opened his eyes. His training as a coach and the experience of a footballer at Juventus said that there is no glory without defensive discipline. The plan to save the generation with which he won three Champions in a row was to give the system a twist, with muscle in the center and greater general sacrifice.

The fragility exhibited in the first year post CR invited the depression of the most pessimistic fan and the euphoria of the rivals, excited by a cycle of the collapse of the bloc that dominated the European Cup from 2014 to 2018 . The merry 4-3-3, with the BBC freed to attack, was a thing of the past, with insufficient spare parts to mimic the drawing. Two of its three members remained, but Bale's drop in performance ruled out the option. His faith in Modric and Kroos remained unshakable, as in Casemiro.

What to do to strengthen the team? In September he discovered Valverde a youthful display of legs and lungs that allowed him to save the post ( Istanbul ) and revitalize Madrid towards the fall. With the Uruguayan in the middle, he could afford to give breaks to his pair of creators ( Kroos-Modric ), while at the top he tuned alternatives with Benzema. In the carousel, injured Asensio and Hazard, he tried Rodrygo Goes on the right, suddenly finding another piece with a long way to go. In San Mams last Sunday, an event as important as that of the Gatalasaray in October, the Brazilian and Valverde met again on the side.

Air to Modric

The boys, Zidane realized, covered many meters of the field, in relief for Carvajal and the midfielders. Thanks to this, Kroos has stepped on the rival area more and Modric, on his way to 35, has been able to reach the last stages with oxygen. His match against Athletic, especially the final minutes, is the best example. Until Vinicius the offensive roadrunner, had put much more effort into the field work. The idea has penetrated line by line, subject the tree by the great performance of the starting centrals, Ramos and Varane. They along with Casemiro, Courtois, Carvajal and Benzema are the most used players. The rotations do not barely splash them, except for medical loss or injury, such as the case of next Friday against the Alavs.

The yellow ones will leave out the right side and the captain, two sound absences that need answers. Mendy already tested in the opposite lane, and Militao appear as possible solutions. S is expected to return Varane recovered from his neck pain.

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