Santander League: Real Madrid return part of the subscriptions to its partners | LaLiga Santander 2019


Florentino has addressed the fans by letter and has confirmed that the white club will play the remaining matches of this League at Alfredo Di Stefano de Valdebebas .

 The Madrid players, at the Bernab

The Madrid players at Bernabu.

Florentino Prez president of Real Madrid announced today in a letter to its members that the club will return part of the price of the season tickets for the 2019-2020 season, in which the white team will not play more games in Santiago Bernabu .

"In the next few days you will receive a communication from the club in which you will be asked the different options offered to the paid members to compensate the amount of the matches of the 2019-20 season that will be held behind closed doors ", summarizes Florentino Prez, who explained that the matches at home that remain in the League Currently they will be played in Alfredo Di Stefano the main field in the sports city of Valdebebas. "That decision will allow us to advance in the works of the Santiago Bernabu ", a reform that the club has already begun.

In addition to wishing the best to its members and families, and to sending "a message of support, solidarity and affection " to those who have lost someone they love, the white president has reflected on the influence of the pandemic on the world of football.

" Soccer is being hit hard, as is most of society. During this time we have continued to work to minimize, as much as possible, the great economic damages derived from the measures imposed to prevent the spread of the disease. I want to highlight the collective effort of players, technicians, executives and club employees who have given up part of their salaries to reduce the foreseeable economic loss, "he wrote.

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