Santander League: Pedro Snchez: "It is fair that there can be no fans only in some stadiums" | LaLiga Santander 2019

 06/07/20. (DVD 1002). Press conference of the Prime Minister, ...

Pedro Snchez, at a press conference.
Jaime Villanueva MUNDO

Pedro Snchez president of the Government has commented this Sunday, in a press conference since Moncloa that they will not "renounce a homogeneous response", in reference to the Health agreement, the Higher Sports Council and the affected leagues regarding the capacity in the football and basketball stadiums after the return of the competitions.

"I would already like to take the bike more than I have been able to take it, which is nothing," said the Prime Minister, his address on sports.

Snchez pointed out that "the Ministry of Health is working with cycling, football and basketball . And just today (in the telematic conference with the regional presidents) there has been talk of capacity in the stadiums. Health, the Higher Sports Council and the leagues and federations are working to see if we can give a common answer . There can be no differences and we will not give up giving a joint answer " , said.

" It is only fair that there cannot be fans in some stadiums alone ", emphasized Pedro Snchez.

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