Santander League: Healthcare decides on Tuesday if there is a public in stadiums, while in Italy they are studying to open them "like cinemas and theaters" | LaLiga Santander 2019



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  • The clubs of First and Second await with concern the decision of the Ministry of Health regarding the presence of the public in stadiums. Football will find this Tuesday, in a Royal Decree, its behavior pattern regarding the capacity, at least for the first days of the championship that resumes on Thursday.

    The President of the Government Pedro Sánchez, hinted in his last Sunday locution that there would be equality, to prevent asymmetric de-escalation, with cities in Phase 2 and others in 3, will cause some teams to have fans in the stands and others not, by allowing the last phase a 30% attendance.

    Despite the fact that Javier Thebes the president of LaLiga, expressed his desire to soon see fans in the stands s, from the Higher Sports Council this newspaper was reminded that the guidelines will be set by Health, while still governing the state of alarm.

    Another matter will be later, when it declines and the health powers return in their entirety to the Autonomous Communities. Then, the ministry of Salvador Illa could give recommendations, but it will be the Ministries that will have the last word. That is where the great mystery of the clubs opens, with many days to play beyond June 21, when the exceptionality ends due to the coronavirus .

    Without a state of alarm, unless Health convinces of a common position of the regional authorities, the stadiums could be reopened. The CSD and many teams trust that good sense will prevail (and the anti-contagion measures) and all matches until July 19 will be played behind closed doors. Some clubs have already started to return a percentage of membership fees. Others, however, would be interested in opening the ticket offices both for economic reasons and for environmental support to their teams, especially those in danger of decline. There are even those who have their venues under construction (Osasuna, Levante, Real Madrid), so they would be at a disadvantage compared to their rivals.

    Also in Italy

    The debate on the return of the fans is not the property of Spanish football. In Italy, with the league also about to begin the government is also beginning to speculate on the matter.

    Sandra Zampa, undersecretary of Health, said that it would study to open stadiums such as cinemas and theaters, with safe distances between spectators. "It would be a good sign of a country that stands up after so much suffering. It could even allow itself, as a final tribute, a field with an audience on the last day," he said.

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