Sampaoli's decision with the former River that has coronavirus

Sampaoli's decision with the former River that has coronavirus 5

The main Brazilian media stated that Juan Cazares a former River soccer player, organized three parties at his home in quarantine before testing positive for a coronavirus control .
Without going any further, the daily Globo Esporte noted that Jorge Sampaoli condemned his act of indiscipline and made the decision not to take it into account any more at Atlético Mineiro by the time the activity resumes.
The Brazilian prosecution will punish the Ecuadorian with a fine of 130,000 reais ($ 25,000) for putting at risk the health of those who attended his home, who were isolated and quarantined.
Globo Esporte affirms that Cazares has already had nearly nine acts of indiscipline since he arrived in the Brazilian team in 2016. These three parties add to the late arrivals to training sessions or rallies, to the complaint of assault on two women and the accusation of breaking the quarantine to go play soccer with his partner Rómulo Otero.
Juan Cazares, who played 205 games and converted 41 goals at Atlético Mineiro, ends his contract at the end of the year, but it seems that he will have to find a new club from July because Sampaoli does not want him anymore at Mineiro.

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