Salvador Sostres: 211

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  Updated: 06/05/2020 01: 44h
 It is the panic number. If on June 30 Bartomeu presents a deficit of more than 211 million euros – the profitable profit that he has been able to generate since 2010 – he and his managers will have to guarantee the losses. Barça has practically the entire squad for sale and what they want to buy (Lautaro and Pjanic) is concentrated in Juve. On the one hand, the economic despair of having to part with everything to enter. On the other, Bartomeu and his band will not only raise money for the club and what Juve does is reminiscent of when we signed all those Valencia squads. Barça is on the verge of bankruptcy and its executives are threatened with their assets. Enjoy the best opinion for free Sign up for ABC in a few seconds. It's free, easy and fast. Register nowIf you are already registered, Log inRelated opinions  Salvador Sostres "width =" 100 "height =" 110 Salvador SostresArticulista de Opinion  Salvador Sostres

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