Russian businessman can buy Renault. Will we have our own “stable” again?

WHO IS A MAZEPIN? The name of Dmitry Mazepin is well known to motorsport fans. One of the richest people in Russia, the main owner of Uralchem ​​and many other large enterprises, with a personal fortune of more than $ 1.3 billion, is not the first time trying to buy a Formula 1 team. The first attempt was in 2018, when Force India went bankrupt. Moreover, it was in Force India that the son of a businessman, Nikita Mazepin, was listed as a development pilot, at that time – the GP3 racer. However, in the struggle for the right to take possession of the "stables" in distress, the Russian billionaire lost to Canadian – Lawrence Stroll. Which, in fact, pursued the same goals – to acquire a team under his own son, Lance. Mazepin’s representatives claimed that the deal wasn’t executed fairly honestly, that their proposal to buy and pay off Force India debts was not duly considered, and even appealed to the High Court of London on this subject. But in the end, everyone remained with their own. In 2019, there were rumors that a Russian could buy Williams, who is also in distress, both in sports and in financial terms. However, in the legendary "stable" it seems they decided to cope on their own for the time being – the story "died out". Mazepin still got his team, but in Formula 2 he became the actual owner of Hitech. For which this season will be played by his son Nikita. But it is obvious that the ambitions of both the rider and his father extend much further – they need a place in the royal races. So if there is a chance in the end to acquire your team, there is no doubt that the billionaire will use it. NIKITA AT ALL PROSPECTIVE? Russian businessman can buy Renault. Will we have our own “stable” again? 5 Lens Stroll, no matter what the guy’s abilities are, is not the worst driver. Even by the standards of Formula 1 there are pilots who are inferior to him. Despite the fact that the guy made his debut at only 18 years old, in his first season for “Williams” he did not lose much to Felipe Massa (scored 40 points against 43 from the Brazilian). Plus, the Canadian asset – podium at the “Azerbaijan Grand Prix” -2017 and second place at the start of the “Italian Grand Prix” in the same year. In general, Lawrence Stroll is not so in vain investing millions of dollars in his son’s career, but what can we say about Nikita Mazepin? He became a pilot for the development of Force India back in 2016 – when he was 17 years old. In the same year Mazepin participated in the tests for the first time, and it was assumed that in the future the Russian will get the opportunity to get into the champion nat. But in addition to the place in the team, albeit secured by money from sponsors (read, father), a super license is also required to participate in the Grand Prix. And it is obtained by accumulating points for achievements in the youth series. And with Nikita, frankly speaking, it isn’t going very well yet. In the same 2016, he spent 30 races in the European Formula 3 and was remembered only because he attacked Callum Aillot with his fists after he messed up him a quick circle … Attention – not in the race and not in qualifications, but in a simple training! This excessive passion and then, and subsequently more than once left the guy sideways – including on the track. For the 2016 season, he scored only 10 points in 30 races, becoming the 20th in the overall standings. In 2017, in the same place, in the European Formula 3, progress was already outlined – 3 podiums, 108 points and 10th position in the championship. But 2018 was almost a breakthrough – in the strong GP3 championship, which spent its last season, Mazepin became the second in the overall standings, ahead of Aillot with a margin and losing only to Antoine Hubert (who died tragically in the Formula 2 race in Spa in last year). After that, Nikita got a place in Formula 2, and – as part of a strong ART, before which led to the title of George Russell – the current rider of Williams. But the debut turned out to be crumpled – too many mistakes, too many accidents, only 11 points and 18th place in the end. Mazepin cannot be called mediocre – the guy is very ambitious, can be really quick, and he still progresses. Maybe not as fast as we would like, but still. This season will be decisive as a part of Hitech – if Nikita can fight for the podiums and victories, then he will have a chance for super license. And if Mazepin Sr. by this time has acquired a team in the Premier League, then in 2021 we will definitely have the fourth Russian Formula 1 racer in history. WHAT IS RENAULT ] Russian businessman can buy Renault. Will we have our own “stable” again? 6 Rumors about the possible sale of Renault did not appear from scratch. It's not only that the expected (and loudly promised) tangible progress is not yet visible – the season -2019 the team spent even worse than 2018. And it’s not that no other team is buying Renault engines anymore – McLaren will soon switch to Mercedes. It all matters, but the main reason is on the other hand, the whole company fell into a deep crisis, and not just its “formulaic project." Renault – one of the giants of the global auto industry – is suffering enormous losses due to a drop in sales caused by the coronavirus epidemic. Everyone faced them, they just cope different things, and Renault doesn’t do well. Even French Finance Minister Bruno Le Mayor did not rule out bankruptcy of the manufacturer, founded already in 1898. Obviously, in such a situation, you have to seriously reduce costs. And the maintenance of the Formula 1 team costs tens, even hundreds of millions of dollars (the entire budget of the “stable” is 200 million euros per year, and not all of them are covered by sponsors and prize money). In the absence of proper returns in the form of victories or at least podiums, this is an inappropriate investment of funds. And no matter how assured the chief of the "stable" Cyril Abitebul that the possible sale is not discussed in principle, it is obvious that this is not so. There will be a good offer, and Renault bosses will agree to it. In the end, the auto giant plans to cut back on costs of 2 billion euros! It is clear that the Formula 1 team will cling to here last. Whatever Abitebul said. So the option of buying a team by Mazepin is indeed possible. Everything rests on the price. Well and partially – in Nikita's results this year. After all, spending solid money on a toy for his son, if he can’t play it, is unreasonable. And unreasonable people do not become billionaires.

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