Russia ranks 19th in the world in the export of footballers, Brazil leads

The CIES Football Observatory Sports Research Center has published a study on how many football players play abroad. Brazil is the leader in exporting players. 1,600 Brazilian footballers play in other countries. Of these, 74.6% play for teams from elite divisions. The top ten exporting countries include France (1027), Argentina (972), England (565), Spain (559), Serbia (521), Germany (480), Colombia (467), Croatia (446) and Nigeria (399). Russia takes 19th place. Most Russians perform in Armenia – 48, 30 play in Belarus, and 12 – in Kazakhstan. CIES Football Observatory notes that 87.5 Russian legionnaires play in top divisions. Ukraine is the leader in football exports from the countries of the former USSR, taking 16th place in the list. 250 Ukrainian players are playing abroad.

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