Rudy Gobert's release after the coronavirus joke

Rudy Gobert's release after the coronavirus joke 5

NBA authorities decided to suspend the activity until further notice, after it was confirmed that Rudy Gobert player of Utah Jazz tested positive for a coronavirus control. However, in addition to having contracted the disease, the Frenchman made headlines due to a situation that caused him to speak.
When he finished giving a press conference, Gobert broke the protocol and decided to touch the microphones and cell phones that were on the desk. And when it was confirmed that he had been infected with coronavirus, what looked like a joke turned into panic and the owners of the artifacts had to undergo checks.
As a result of this situation, the French player made a strong release on social networks and apologized for what he had done: "I have been through so many emotions since I found out about my diagnosis … mainly fear, anxiety and shame ".
" The first and most important thing is that I would like to publicly apologize to people who might have endangered me. At that time, had no idea that I was infected . I was careless and not I have an excuse. I hope my story serves as a warning, "Gobert wrote. Look!

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