Rubin's financing may be reduced from 2 billion to 600 million

The football Rubin and the hockey Neftekhimik (KHL club from Nizhnekamsk) will be hit, according to Metaratings. According to the source, a 70 percent reduction in funding (in the case of a football club, from 2 billion rubles to 600 million) will affect the 2020/21 season. We note that earlier Rubin announced a reduction in the salaries of coaches and players by 50 percent. This season, the RPL team, which was headed by Leonid Slutsky in the winter, is fighting to maintain residence in the elite division. Plans to substantially cut club spending could mean a willingness to spend the next season at FNL. When the battle is an art. The best films about boxing and not only "Soviet Sport" continues a series of materials devoted to films about sports. What else can I see on the screen while there are no matches on TV? 04/11/2020 20:00 Boxing Nikolay Mysin Approve the coaches, convene the conference, what else? What to expect from the Board of the RBU On Monday morning, the next meeting of the Board of the Russian Biathlon Union will take place. 04/19/2020 13:30 Biathlon Chikiris Oleg Vladimir Putrov: With the advent of Polkhovsky, results go uphill, and Tikhonov’s words are nonsense; Honored coach of the USSR and Russia Vladimir Putrov about the appointment of Valery Polkhovsky as head coach of the Russian biathlon team. 04/15/2020 10:00 Biathlon Chikiris Oleg Drachev strikes back, but misses. Scandal in the RBU enters a hot stage In this note, we respond to a letter from the president of the SBR and weigh the alignment of forces on the upcoming Federation Council. 04/06/2020 13:00 Biathlon of Okhotnikov Stepan 150 and more. The main fat men of world boxing (video) “Soviet Sport” talks about how a boxer can change if left alone with a refrigerator 04/16/2020 13:00 Boxing Usachev Vladislav Ekaterina Bobrova: We won’t stock up on buckwheat and toilet paper (video) Olympic champion Ekaterina Before the introduction of quarantine, Bobrova visited the press center of the “Soviet Grade”. We publish the first part of the interview. 04/06/2020 2:00 p.m. Figure skating Ivanova Darya, Klyuchnikova Anastasia, Tigay Lev “The gender of the coach does not matter. I know – I worked with Moresmo. ” Andy Murray's column for March 8 On International Women's Day, two-time Olympic tennis champion Andy Murray shared his thoughts on equality in sport. 03/08/2020 15:00 Tennis Mysin Nikolay "Tennis, I say goodbye to you …". Maria Sharapova’s column Maria Sharapova announced the separation from sports in a touching letter published in the VanityFair publication.

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