RPK Araski renews its coaching staff



RPK Araski is clear: the club knows that much of the responsibility for the team's good role in the Endesa Women's League is due to the coaching staff. The heads of the entity want the team to continue well and to make this possible they have already taken the first step: Madelen Urieta, Ioseba Redondo and Julen Fornies will continue in their positions.

The coach has assured RTVE that "the continuity of the coaching staff is essential." "Sometimes we focus a lot on the players or the head coach and do not value the rest of the 'staff as it deserves. '. For me, they are all fundamental. I think that the work they do in the shade is beastly and I think that the great team we do within the coaching staff is one of the team's successes, "analyzes Urieta.

The work that the 'staff' does in the shade is beastly

The Alava, 38, took over the team in the 2011/12 season, when they were in the First Division. The following year they played in First National, and in a single year they were promoted to Women's League 2, a category that they kept for three years. The 2016/17 season was the first they played in the top category of women's basketball, and they have been in it for four years. Urieta values ​​his renewal: “Being able to be on an elite bench, and above all at home and with your people, and with a project that was created a very short time ago, is always very positive. The project, year after year, is consolidating itself in the category and we are very excited for the coming season ”.

This year they have finished in fifth position, the best result they have achieved in the time they have been competing in the Endesa Women's League. In addition, in the last four campaigns they have played three Queen's Cups, reaching the semifinals twice. From the face to the next, Urieta wants more. " One of the main objectives is to fill Mendizorrotza, so that our people feel identified and proud of the team. And at a sporting level, without setting a goal, being able to enjoy the road, enjoying every day, squeezing the most out of the team to get as high as possible ".

The Spanish Basketball Coaches Association chose Urieta as the best coach of the 2018/2019 season and for a year she has been the first assistant to the national coach Lucas Mondelo.

Redondo and Forniés, the squires of Urieta

Renew as first assistant Ioseba Redondo, who will also continue to be the coordinator of the youth team and club activities. It is the ideal complement to Urieta, it is responsible for the analysis and study of rivals. He knows the club perfectly and has been contributing from the bench for 10 years. Redondo explained to RTVE that they have "a very nice project" ahead of them. " We have come from a very exciting season . We are convinced that we are going to be able to maintain the team's column and re-excite people", he explained.

For his part, Julen Forniés has renewed in the position of physical trainer, in what will be his fourth season in office. In addition, the gasteiztarra is a senior coach and helps Urieta and Redondo with 'scouting' and with the analysis of statistics. the physical state of the players after this period of inactivity that we are experiencing, for this reason it will "review the capacities that will be most affected, such as at the muscular, metabolic and cardiovascular levels." "From there, draw up a plan, a path that gradually takes us, little by little, to a state of habitual form. I think we have time and that they can come at a good time so that we can then start a preseason typical of us ”, he indicates.


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