Roures: "Barcelona has a hole in the accounts and it seems that nobody cares"

Radio MARCA The sole administrator of Mediapro went through the tune of MARCADOR

Roures: "Barcelona has a hole in the accounts and it seems that nobody cares" 5
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D e Jaume Roures is said of everything and many influences and enemies are attributed to him, but he does not believe himself to be such an "important" person. He has no aspiration for the FC Barcelona presidential chair, as many say, and he describes as "extremely important nonsense" that Sandro Rosell says has influence on the Audiencia Nacional. He said everything in MARCADOR from Radio MARCA.

SOCCER TOUR: We have been working many to make it happen and we hope it doesn't come out something that twists it in mid-June. Football lives in its cloud and the virus has brought us down to the ground and everyone has seen that the time of skinny cows was coming and everyone must collaborate to end the season as worthily as possible and not get worse.

ECONOMY IF WE DIDN'T RETURN : 7 billion in Europe and about 600 million here. To add to what is already being lost and what is going to be lost until normality returns. They are unrecoverable losses. Let's hope that we recover it from the TV and avoid that the damage is much greater.

LEAGUE PERFORMANCE: Let's try, we are doing technical tests. Because we have the ambient sound of all the stadiums and we are doing tests to recreate the sound and to accompany the broadcasts. We are doing tests to liven up the stands virtually. I'm surprised they don't try a little harder in Germany. He is missing player number 12. All the support, the heat, the fans, a very important part of football. Until we have a vaccine it will not be the same as before.

VIRTUAL DEBATE: The decision is not 100% ours. We are testing and showing it to LaLiga and other operators. Before the first broadcast it will be decided. I like to recover the environment in quotes.

TIME LIMITS: The advantage that we have is that it can be played almost every day. Being behind closed doors is not conditioned by the weekend. There are more possibilities than a normal season. The strip will be decided by LaLiga. It will take into account international heat and emissions, there are many parameters, not just one. That there are more days is going to help speed up the end of the season.

PRESIDENT OF BARCELONA: I am not amused. No catches my attention. I prefer to do series, documentaries, museums, movies … I do many things that motivate me much more than being on a board. No aspiration or motivation.

FILES OF BARCELONA: There are two different things. I have been saying for a long time that the Barsa accounts have a very important hole. No one seems to care. You have to add some involuntary debts because they are for COVID and the money that will not come back. And it also has to do with the fact that, in general, now those immoral, to some extent, hundreds of millions of euros are going to end because there are cobwebs in the box and reality is going to impose itself on those wishes to throw money in any way. It will happen in soccer in general and in Barsa in particular

No one is going to put 150 million because they will not be there and if it is difficult to ask for it, the banks will accompany them. The selling club is not going to trust you either and will have its needs. There is talk of barter … But as long as it is not those fiscal devices that Barsa did with Neto and Cillessen …

TV RIGHTS: We were at quite high levels in general. The champions may be affected. Here it is different because the league is over and it has been accomplished. But in champions the people who have been paid have not seen anything these months of champions. In LaLiga it does not have to be affected if we are all capable of rowing in the same direction. To say that I have influence in the National Court …

TEBAS : I think it has to do with our being friends with the democratic culture. With Javier we have had problems and other times have not. When the situation becomes politically tense, we laugh at the weaknesses of each other's position and so on. I have friends throughout the political arc, but that does not change the background of things. We not only have to live together, but share that people have different visions. There are red lines that should not be crossed and when it happens, I break relations with that person.

CATALUNYA : I believe that the situation today reveals the injustices that have been done in Catalonia. What you called division or a feeling of exaggerating trifles to paroxysm and that the courts have to solve everything … All this has been turning against Catalonia for a long time has created a situation that is not easy to resolve. There are many people in which this is resolved positively, but it is not easy because we reached a barrier between the two situations. Let's put an end to COVID, let's sit down again and let's agree but let it happen for the Catalans to decide what we want to be when they grow up.

FOOTBALL OPEN IN HOSPITALS: There is already, one game per week of the first and two of the second. I have read it and nobody has asked me anything. But there are signed contracts that cannot be changed. It is a subject that must be reasonably raised. No one has told us anything, but I don't think they have raised it with Movistar either; but if you are looking for a solution for residences, there are, symbolic. that. If not, I believe that the percentages must be applied. The federation has already made a first attempt at who was going to Europe following the classification. As in France, I have not understood why they have stopped the League if there are 10 days left and there are now elections. But they stopped the league and took the classification that was at that time.

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