"Roffo must be Boca's second goalkeeper," said former footballer Xeneize, Esteban Pogany

"Roffo must be Boca's second goalkeeper," said former footballer Xeneize, Esteban Pogany 5

Esteban Pogany was for many years a substitute archer in Boca . Punctually, the former footballer was at Xeneize from 1989 to 1994, at which time Navarro Montoya was the undisputed 1 in the first team goal, so the former player knows what it is like to be a substitute and took the opportunity to comment on his old club in the midst of doubts about who will occupy this position. Esteban Andrada is today the starting goalkeeper without a doubt. However, in recent weeks it was announced that by Russo's decision, Boca will not renew Marcos Díaz's contract.In addition, although Agustín Rossi must return from his loan in Lanús, his representative has already stated that he wants to have continuity and he could continue his career in Spanish football. Given this, the Boca leadership are considering the possibility of looking for a player to fill the position in the substitute bank. "I met Manuel (Roffo) at the age of 14. He is a boy who has the conditions to Being a leader, he is risky, a good teammate. He has great power, he is agile, fast, he will not weigh his shirt, "explained Pogany today. The former goalkeeper added about the young player Xeneize: " I would like it to be the second Boca goalkeeper, a goalkeeper must appear from the bottom of the club. " Pogany knows Roffo well for having worked with him in his position as AFA Youth Archer Coach. The 20-year-old from Santa Fe has a contract with the institution until 2021 although he has not yet debuted in First Division, while Pogany became the goalkeeper with the most presence as substitute in Boca at the time. He played 400 games there and won four titles. However, he admitted in dialogue with Boca de Selección that "there was always a laughter with Mono Montoya".

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