Rodrigo Moreno: "The return match against Atalanta should not have been played"



One week after it was known that the Atalanta coach confessed that he had a coronavirus on March 10 when his team played in Valencia second round match at the end of the Champions the player 'che' Rodrigo Moreno has been clear in this regard in an interview with TVE: "Perhaps that game should not have been played with all the circumstances that we knew later ".

Our great objective is to be among the first four

One week after the return of the League, the centrolo forward is clear: "I feel very comfortable in Valencia and our great goal is to be among the top four and qualify for the Champions League".

The '9' has acknowledged that they experienced a difficult situation that made several Valencia players test positive for coronavirus after passing the tests, but it is something that remains behind, we have been solving the situation little by little little and the important thing is that " I see people very prepared for the return".

"We were the first to play because of that elimatory that we lived in Italy in the Champions League but it is something that has affected all the teams sooner or later and little by little we are adapting to the new situation to return to normality ".

Training is not the same as playing a game

A normality in which Rodrigo sees himself and his teammates better than when they left since on a personal level it has given him time to recover and be ready for this League of eleven matches recognizing that "training is not the same as playing where the schedules and the heat are going to be very important".

"This break is going to affect the competition because it is not easy to stop and then come back but the people have not let themselves go and have prepared well and we all want to compete again without knowing what the new situation will be like. Let's see if we can come back well, "he added.

"The five changes benefit us all"

Like Saúl Ñíguez he positively values ​​the five changes allowed: "It is something that will favor us all because we are going to play eleven games in a very short space of time and the temperatures are going to affect tiredness and recovery, it is something that does not harm anyone because there will be more rotations and opportunity of playing for everyone. "

Moreno does not forget that at this point they should have finished the League and are about to compete in EURO2020:" Hopefully I can have a good season next year to be able to continue choosing to play in the Selection ". The footballer does not feel the fixed center forward and works to give the best of himself and reach the top being aware of the "great competition that exists in that position and more in a team like the Spanish".

The fan is the essence of this sport

Rodrigo feels that the fans cannot accompany them in this final leg of the League but appeals to prudence because the first thing is everyone's health since "this is something very serious" after stating that the fan is "the essence of this sport" that now they will be able to enjoy, at least, from home. from the soccer perspective but from friends, family and the world in general. "It has been a complicated and hard experience because we thought it was something that happened in other places and could not happen to us, but from which we have to get better and learn," he concludes.


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