Robert Rojas broke the silence from Paraguay | River Plate

Robert Rojas broke the silence from Paraguay | River Plate 5

Martín Feijóo

10:32 AM

The pandemic of coronavirus complicated the trips of the Millionaire soccer players who did not live in Buenos Aires since some did not have time to return to their homes. In the case of Robert Rojas he managed to go to Paraguay where he is waiting for training to resume to return to Núñez. Meanwhile, he enjoys family life and spends time in his farm.

"I'm having the best time. Enjoying with my family and obviously training every day. Also, here I have more space to work comfortably" explained the River defender in a chat with Olé. The Paraguayan had been the best defender for Gallardo due to his regularity and firmness behind, added to his offensive contribution that from time to time he had the chance to capture on the scoreboard.

Although he does not have the River Camp facilities, the Paraguayan enjoys his stay in Asunción and revealed how he trains day by day: “I have a little field here next to my house, so I take advantage and train there, hoping that the soccer come back asap. I have almost all the comforts luckily. I can't complain. " Also, the motivation to be with loved ones gives you a plus. "Now we are all together and as a family," said Robert's father.


It should be noted that Rojas is not the only one who returned to his country in this very special situation that the world lives, since Nicolás De La Cruz also decided to quarantine in Uruguay where he also shares the training of each day with his brother Carlos Sánchez.

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