River's debt in the Carrascal pass | River Plate

River's debt in the Carrascal pass | River Plate 5

Germán Balcarce

4:47 pm

Jorge Carrascal has not yet managed to show in River all the potential it has, but the Núñez institution made use of the purchase option in December weeks before it shone in the Pre-Olympic that took place in his country. However, Karpaty Lviv has not yet received the money agreed upon for 90% of her pass .

  River's debt in the Carrascal pass | River Plate 6
   Carrascal played 40 official matches in Karpaty Lviv, where he scored 6 goals

The Ukrainian team set the final transaction at € 3,000,000 including the initial payment of € 500,000 for the loan during 2019 . After paying the amount agreed for the transfer, River maintains a debt of € 2,500,000 for the Colombian playmaker.

If last August River gave the go-ahead to acquire the economic rights, it assumed a commitment of three installments with Karpaty; upon confirming just four months later his intention to stay with Carrascal, for the Núñez club the term was reduced to two payments, both in the amount of € 1,250,000 .

  River's debt in the Carrascal pass | River Plate 7
   Carrascal played 7 games in the Pre-Olympic: 3 goals and 2 assists (PHOTO: Getty)

The truth is that until now Karpaty did not receive the stipulated money. Meanwhile, River awaits a formal offer for Carrascal, whose name sounds very strong in Italy, because Juventus and Fiorentina are targeting him .

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