River and a key shortcut to retain Borré | River Plate

River and a key shortcut to retain Borré | River Plate 5

Germán Balcarce

11:28 AM

The next pass market will have River in a purely export situation : it needs to sell for at least $ 20 million to balance its finances in a year that altered any type of planning.

In this context, there are several soccer players who could emigrate. Gonzalo Montiel and Lucas Martínez Quarta are the main candidates, but Rafael Borré's goals also attract attention in Europe . All three have one point in common, since their respective contracts will expire on June 30, 2021 .

The renewal of the defenders does not pose a problem, although it does the attacker, whose agreement is full of clauses starring Atlético de Madrid. River and the Spanish club share 100% of Borré's economic rights in equal shares .

For extend Borré's link there is a determining factor: River is obliged to buy 25% of the pass for 3,500,000 euros – the same figure that it paid for 50% – in case of modifying or renew the contract . This means that Atlético de Madrid can obtain an immediate profit, at the same time that it has the power to repurchase it for 7,000,000 euros.

Without dimension of which are the economic damages that the pandemic can cause, a natural question arises, what happens if River does not transfer Borré or manage to acquire the 25% mentioned to renew the contract? He will be free in July 2021 . That not only means that the Núñez club is at risk of losing its 50%, but also Atlético de Madrid.

Although the greatest possibility in relation to Borré is that he emigrate to Europe in the face of an eventual proposal that is difficult to reject, River cannot tie himself to that option and must seek ways to extend the link. The problem is not the striker, but that clause. But Atlético de Madrid knows that if the 24-year-old leader leaves with the pass in his possession, he will not make a profit, so he began to contemplate the idea of ​​reducing the amount by 25% so that the Núñez institution complies that commitment and manage to prolong the contract.

  River and a key shortcut to retain Borré | River Plate 6
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A different, albeit similar, case of collateral effects occurred with the Uruguayan Tabaré Viudez in his country. When he returned to Nacional de Montevideo as part of payment for the incorporation of Iván Alonso, River was left with 30% of the pass . However, the playmaker was released, he went to Olimpia (Paraguay) and both the club from the Charrúa capital and the Millionaire lost their percentages of economic rights. Now, in Núñez and Madrid they are alert so that the same does not happen with Borré.

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