Real Madrid: Isco ponders his future Football News

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Francisco Alarcón was a sought-after player for Zidane when the Frenchman took over as coach on January 4, 2016. He had preference in your consideration of James. He was not a starter, but he was among the first fourteen chosen to play each game. Precisely, the Colombian was annoyed that the Malacitano was the first change of revulsive for Zizou in those two first home games that opened the stage of Marseille as a Madrid coach. James saw that he was the last in line, as he found over the years. But Isco never earned a permanent position. He played a lot, but without being a starter. His assessment has gradually lost vigor. He has failed to take advantage of his opportunities. This season no longer counts for the coach. And he meditates his future outside Real Madrid calmly.

Luis Enrique no longer summons him, given his substitution in Real Madrid, and the Andalusian thinks if a transfer in January would be good, prelude to another operation in the summer

The man from Malaga put on his first cross when he faced Solari in the fall of 2018 because he took him out in Ipurúa when Real Madrid already lost by thrashing against Éibar . The footballer argued with the coaching staff and was punished for indiscipline. Two days later he flew to Rome with the squad without being able to dress short. He even asked what he should do in that situation, without playing and concentrating on Italy.

Solari led the team until March 10, 2019 and in that period Isco was absent from the limelight. He lost many integers on the team. He returned to Zidane on March 11 and the Andalusian had minutes again, but it was never the same.

Isco has been in all markets since then. His contract ends in 2022 and now he has not been called upon to renew. It is true that the pandemic delays everything. However, Real Madrid does not count on him for the future. The player observes that he has no place with Zidane, the Eurocup arrives, Luis Enrique does not call him and analyzes whether it would be convenient to be loaned in January to earn a return to the lesson in anticipation of a transfer in July. But no one will pay 70 million for him, as is said in other parts .

His manager, his father, Francisco, studied the situation calmly. You don't want rush or wrong decisions. Ancelotti has said that he has not asked Isco for Everton. Isco will consider leaving if a good offer arrives that allows him to show off his quality. He will not rush, because once you leave Real Madrid it is very difficult to come back. It has been eight years and it is time to make a determination about its future.

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