Real Madrid free file: Odegaard and Achraf

Tomás González-Martín


The Real Madrid and the Barcelona are the opposite poles, incomparable in its management. If one does one thing, the other does the opposite, and they do not work that way because they want to be different, but because reality shows it with facts. Their ways of acting do not coincide. And the opposite poles do not touch, it is not true they are diametrically different.

The white club can barter some players and its main occupation is to place a good part of its 38 footballers on payroll; To make room for Odegaard and Achraf you need at least two kills. Lunin will be the second goalkeeper, instead of Areola, who will return to PSG

The Madrid club will not make a significant investment in transfers. For six years its philosophy has been to recruit young talents of the future to pay affordable prices and not throw money away, a policy that the great crisis caused by the pandemic has consolidated with the realism of accounts that are negative in all the teams and especially the big ones, which have diversified the business with marketing and commercial betting parallel to football itself. This total closure of sales for three months has generated an absence of income of 25 percent in the large entities, which not only depend on television as it happens in the modest ones.

Valverde and Vinicius, the last examples

This lack of extraordinary income will persist as long as there is no public in the stands. In this scenario, Real Madrid will assert their own football investment made in the last five years and their "signings" for next season have already been paid. They are called Odegaard and Achraf. Goalkeeper Lunin will be the third addition to the new squad to be unveiled in September. The Ukrainian will come this summer to become a relief keeper for Courtois, since Areola will return to PSG. Achraf in two new starting footballers who will rotate with the midfielders and the wingers. The Moroccan surrenders both on the right and on the left wing.

The Norwegian and the African will promote a management that has been proven valid with explosions such as those of Fede Valverde and with Vinicius, two young men who have earned the position and saved the company large expenses in signing players made. That is planning for the future. Train footballers and make them great from within. "These young talents only need a year to overcome the pressure generated by Real Madrid ", point the technicians from Valdebebas. Odegaard and Achraf are the chosen ones.

Kubo, Reguilón and Ceballos, we have to wait

Real Madrid can do some more signing in barter operations, but they won't risk the money. Camavinga dreams of coming. The club must place other men currently on loan who could also enter their squad now, such as Reguilón and Ceballos. They will have to wait another year, just like Kubo. It has 38 footballers on payroll and its main objective will be to transfer and transfer players who have no place. In this situation, the entity plans to get a return on its investment in young people.

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