Ramon Martinez, the expert from the quarry Madrid, stands in the organization



He has known Real Madrid for many decades. He has worked in his academy all his life, in the management of training teams, in the recruitment of young talented players in the analysis of the promising footballers. Football director until now, Ramón Martínez has been appointed deputy to the general director José Ángel Sánchez .

«In order to promote development and maintain the leadership of our sports activity, Real Madrid has decided to strengthen the area of ​​ soccer with the appointment of Ramón Martínez as deputy to the director general », Points out the white club from its operational headquarters, Valdebebas .

The promotion of Ramón Martínez is a prize for his constant work, his wisdom in the quarry, his experience in training and recruitment, a quiet and effective work, in the shade, which is not seen

To fill the vacancy left by Ramón Martínez, football director is appointed to Manuel Fernández Gómez , until now coach of Real Madrid Juvenil B . In this new position, Manuel Fernández will assume the functions of directing the football academy and will be in charge of the national recruitment departments, technical area, soccer administration and training methodology.

Juni Calafat, maker of signings like Vinicius, Reinier and Rodrygo dominator of the South American market for years, will continue in his important role as "chief scout", as an observer and player for future players in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and the entire American area, reporting directly to the general director, José Ángel Sánchez.

The rise of Ramón Martínez is an award for his constant work his wisdom in the quarries, his experience in training and recruitment, a quiet and effective work, in the shade which is not seen.

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