Rafinha's accurate reflection on the return of the competition



Rafinha, a player from Celta de Vigo was concerned about the return of football and left a certain reflection on it during a live talk through the social network Instagram with the betic Alex Moreno.

« It is enough for one of all the players to take the coronavirus and screw his team and the competition indirectly . I see it very difficult. We are going to concentrate and the people inside the hotel will not have life, "reflected the soccer player during the conversation and about a possible return in June.

" We are soccer players and we want to play. We have the uncertainty of not knowing, not having the slightest idea of ​​what will happen, "he acknowledged. «I have no idea if the classification would stay like this, that it be repeated, that two rise … They are assumptions, it is difficult. If I had to bet, I would say it is going to be played again, but it is very difficult to know ", he added.

" You focus your head on the return, but the problem is when you don't have a date and if you are alone, it is difficult to motivate yourself », he explained about confinement and how it affects it psychologically. «The first two weeks I gained weight. Since he was not going to play, with the chocolate … Then I put cane to recover and now perfect. "

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