Radimov – on the resumption of the RPL: ​​Sellers in stores risk more than football players

Zenit-2 head coach Vladislav Radimov believes that the current RPL season should be played out. “Let's see how this is done in the Bundesliga my Spanish friends told me how they train there. They say correctly: sellers in stores risk much more than football players, plus football will be an outlet for the locked up population. The problem is that with the current statistics on morbidity it is completely incomprehensible when everything will end, ”Bobsoccer quotes Radimova. Zenit CEO: May 27 is the last day to decide whether to continue or stop RPL Djokovic will allocate money for a series of local tournaments. How and where do they play tennis now? Although tennis has long been paused, this does not mean that it is not played at all. "Soviet Sport" – about tournaments that are held or may take place in the future. 05/05/2020 18:00 Tennis Mysin Nikolay To help girls to the detriment of themselves. Why does the Men's Tennis Tour want to team up with the Women's? While the tennis season is stopped until mid-July, a hot topic has arisen – ATP and WTA can unite. "Soviet Sport" – that will bring them. 04.24.2020 18:00 Tennis Mysin Nikolai IIHF was disgraced for nowhere: cynically humiliated Lemieux and Kharlamova – the history of the “Soviet Sport” observer Vitaly Slavin also censured his opinion on the new publication on the IIHF official website, where the Canadian national team of all time was compiled . 05/10/2020 22:30 Hockey Slavin Vitaly Daniil Medvedev: Does Smolov play Counter-Strike 12 hours a day? I played more. The strongest tennis player in Russia became a guest on live Instagram of the journalist Maria Komandnaya, talking about Smolov and Dziub, Nadal and Federer. 04/29/2020 00:00 Tennis Grigoryevskaya Yulia Alexander Tikhonov: The RBU Board understands that it’s a pipe for them – and it is gathering the conference The Board of the Russian Biathlon Union has decided to convene an extraordinary report-and-election conference. 04/23/2020 2:30 p.m. Biathlon Volokhov Yuri "Starostin suggested Palych to head Spartak. Today is Yuri Semin's birthday. Yuri Palych Semin is turning 73 years old. The columnist of “Soviet Sport” Evgeny Lovchev is about the brightest personality of our football. 05/11/2020 10:01 Football Volokhov Yuri The rich do not want to help the poor? Why in tennis they cannot raise money for the Soviet Sport players – about the plans of Djokovic, Federer, Nadal to help low-ranking tennis players. And why so many people don’t like their project. 05/09/2020 14:00 Tennis Nikolay Mysin On May 15, the return of Russian football will be announced. The RFU Secretary General Alexander Alaev live on Match TV confirmed the general intention to resume the 2019/20 Russian Championship. 05/10/2020 19:53 Football Bezyazychny Alexei Trusova’s departure from Tutberidze is Volkov’s victory, not Plushenko’s 15-year-old Alexander Trusova joined the team of Evgeni Plushenko. However, other people will work on ice with it. 05/07/2020 16:00 Figure skating Sergeyev Ivan So nobody has beaten Ferguson yet. Gatji destroyed El Kukuy and is ready to break Khabib (video) The long-awaited UFC 249 mixed martial arts tournament still took place. It was held in Jacksonville (Florida, USA) without spectators due to the coronavirus pandemic. 05/10/2020 08:50 MMA Sergey Vashchenko

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