Prison for the independentistas who attacked two Spanish fans

Sergi FontBarcelona
  Updated: 06/05/2020 11: 19h
 Related newsThe Provincial Court of Barcelona has sentenced four radical independentistas to 32 months for assaulting two components of the "Barcelona with the Selection" Platform when they were in a tent set up to encourage and promote the parties of the Spanish team during the Eurocup 2016 . The attackers beat up, robbed and harassed Ruth and Maria Rosa when the two fans were informing passers-by about the negotiations that the platform had with the Ada Colau city council for the installation of a giant screen to follow the matches of Spain during the national team tournament. The collaborators were assaulted by five men of contrary ideology. Of these, four must enter prison. "Barcelona with the Selection" has issued a statement explaining that the attackers approached the girls, insulting them, physically assaulting them and destroying the tent. «Spanish whores screamed, get out of here, we are going to kill you. They have pushed and thrown them to the ground, giving them blows and kicks, hair pulling, stealing the purse of one of them . In the struggle the other victim has had the bad luck of falling in the middle of the street, causing them, according to the medical report, skin erosions, bruises, contusions, cervical contracture, among others. The radicals have run away and have disappeared, "the statement said. Four years after trials and appeals, the final appeal condemns the aggressors to serve 32 months in prison and pay a fine of 6,180 euros. The fifth aggressor has been sentenced to 16 months in prison and a fine of 1,800 euros. In the sentence of the Criminal Court, the magistrate indicated that four of the five acted "guided with the spirit of ideological aversion to everything that Spain and Spanish represent and with the will to harass and humiliate the Volunteers. ”The platform has issued a statement in which it has expressed its satisfaction with the sentence issued. « After four years, and several trials postponed because of him we have been notified of the sentence of the appeal where they condemn the aggressors to prison terms: B.B.B., X.B.C., R.V.S. and D.A.M .. All of them, individuals with an independent ideology and related to the far-left red-skin movement and belonging to the group 'Desperdicis' (according to a report by Mossos d’Esquadra). The Provincial Court of Barcelona has estimated the appeal presented by our Lawyer Dr. José María Fuster-Fabra on behalf of Ruth and Maria Rosa, and the sentence has increased to 32 months. As a result, when adding up the total of the penalties over 24 months, the convicted persons must enter effectively into prison. As well as indemnify Ruth and Maria Rosa financially », they celebrate from« Barcelona with the Selection ».

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