Pregliasco opens to fans in July

The Italian stadiums may return to populate earlier than expected, or already in the summer, for the last games of the Serie A championship: says virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco, professor of Hygiene and preventive medicine at the State University of Milan and medical director of the Galeazzi Institute. "Since mid-July a small slice of spectators in the stadiums? It is possible. But to reduce the circulation of the virus as much as possible, it is right to act with caution," he told Radio Punto Nuovo. "I hope the vaccine will arrive soon, but we still don't know if this virus gives immunity for long or short period. The actual availability of a vaccine requires a year, a year and a half at least. For now we have to live with the virus. Going back to the pandemic curve? It is a risk that exists and we must think about, equipping ourselves to avoid other pains. More contacts, more possibilities of having outbreaks ".

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