Pratto's representative changed the speech | River Plate

Pratto's representative changed the speech | River Plate 5

Martín Feijóo

11:05 AM

The transfer window is approaching and the soccer players begin to look at new horizons in their soccer career. Gustavo Goñi representative of Lucas Pratto and Lucas Martínez Quarta revealed what the futures of both footballers are, but mainly, what he has in mind for the passing market.

“Today Pratto has a contract with River and he is going to fulfill it. Today the only reality is what you have signed. And Lucas is a River player, happy River player ”Goñi declared in a chat with Como Te Va. And he added: "He has a contract until June 2022 and he will fulfill it. What comes next will be seen as the wheel moves."

In addition, he explained how the Millionaire striker is quarantined: “Today he is at River and he is fine. You are training at full speed and what comes next will be seen as you start to move the wheel. But today the wheel is stopped ”. The representative did not want to give anything security since he does not want to “make games about the continuity of Pratto.” One year after the last goal of the Bear in River, Goñi clarified that his represented "does not have statistics in mind: it would be to make head with something that is unreal."


To close, explained the panorama of Martínez Quarta: "I am looking to advance with some of the clubs interested in Europe, although it is not easy under a reality in which the world is standing. The clubs today are not thinking of hiring, but how to project their budgets to think about the next season. "

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