Polkhovsky will not be recommended for the position of head coach of the Russian national team

After a meeting of the board of the Russian Biathlon Union, the organization’s president, Vladimir Drachev, said that Valery Polkhovsky would not be recommended to the Russian Ministry of Sports as head coach of the Russian biathlon team. “Polkhovsky does not remain, at the moment there will be no other candidate,” Drachev said in an interview with TASS. Recall that the SBR board recommended Polkhovsky to the post of head coach of the national team, which Anatoly Khovaantsev had previously held. Drachev opposed Polkhovsky’s candidacy and the appointment of Robert Kabukov and Vladimir Korolkevich as senior coaches of the men's and women's teams. TASS, referring to its source in the SBR, reports that the board now recommended instead of Kabukov and Korolkevich Yuri Kaminsky and Mikhail Shashilov. Kaminsky should lead the men's team, and Shashilov – the women's team. Kaminsky had not worked with biathletes before, but trained skiers. In particular, he prepared Russian sprinters for the Olympics in Sochi, and in recent years he worked with skiers of the Kazakhstan national team. Shashilov worked with biathletes in the Sverdlovsk region. Among his students, Svetlana Mironova and two-time world champion among juniors in 2020 Anastasia Shevchenko.

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