Pliev football player Pliev – about coronavirus: Outwardly, the disease does not appear

Kazan Rubin defender Konstantin Pliev, who became infected with the coronavirus, spoke about his condition. “Everything is fine with me, I don’t feel any problems. I’m sitting at home in Vladikavkaz. I just know that everything is stuck inside me, but the disease does not appear externally. Now all the severe symptoms that the patient suffers from coronavirus are described in detail. I didn’t feel anything like this: there was no temperature, my throat did not hurt. It reminded me of a mild cold, everything went in five days. I’ve been running around calmly four days ago, I haven’t experienced any problems. I’ve been in real quarantine since yesterday evening, but before that I was wearing a mask, my parents also were wearing masks just in case. As it turned out, we did not do it for nothing. We have a two-story house. Parents and brother now live on the first floor, and I isolated in my room on the second. My entire route for the coming days will be the same: bedroom, toilet, bedroom. They put food on the stairs, I pick up, eat and return the plates back to the stairs. I go with a mask. Of course, this is unusual, but you just need to survive these difficulties. I no longer worry about myself, but about my parents. All communication with us now went to the phone, although we are in the same house. I, I think, will last 10-12 days to completely recover, but I fear for them. My relatives, thank God, everything is fine. My brother, Dynamo defender Zaurbek Pliev, received a negative test, today we’ll do tests for our parents, ”Business Online quoted the player as saying.

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