Pinto da Costa, reelected for the position he has held for 38 years

S. D. | EFE
Updated: 06/08/2020 11: 46h
Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa was today re-elected president of Porto a position he has held for 38 years, after obtaining 68.65% of the votes in the elections held at the Portuguese club This weekend, according to official data, Pinto da Costa prevailed over José Fernando Rio, who obtained 22.44% of the vote, and Nuno Lobo, with 4.91%, and was reelected for his tenth fifth term in charge of the club in northern Portugal . Pinto da Costa, 82 years old will continue for another four years in the club's presidency and thanked the members for their participation in the elections, which « At a time when it is not easy for anyone, they came to cast a vote of confidence, a sign of encouragement that is very important for the battles to come. "" I am very happy with the way the electoral act was carried out . The partners gave an example of vitality, order, respect and interest in the life of Porto "he said in statements to the press. Under Pinto da Costa's mandate, Porto won two Leagues of Champions (1986-1987 and 2003-2004) and their two Leagues Europe (2002-2003 and 2010-2011) and swept the local championship: raised 21 of the 28 Leagues that The club has although in recent years it has experienced a dry season for trophies.

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