Penalty for Cherchesov, three goals for Klopp and a threat to De Bruyne. Hit parade of the 27th round of the Bundesliga

The average performance over the entire 2019/20 championship is 3.25 goals. So the indicator of the 27th round is really impressive. And out of 32 goals 19 (!) Were scored by guest teams. This is generally a distinctive feature of post-quarantine football in Germany: the factor of one’s field with empty stands does not work. Therefore, the favorites feel much more comfortable on the road than under standard conditions, when the entire stadium would be sick against them. So it turns out that in the last two rounds the hosts won only three victories in the Bundesliga. Last weekend, only Herte (the defeat of Union in the Berlin derby) and Bayern (removal of Eintracht) managed to take three points at home. But the Mönchengladbach Borussia in the central match of the 27th round against Bayer did not helped … "support" 13 thousand cardboard spectators who were "seated" in the stands of the team’s home arena. And these were not abstract dummies, but photographs of real fans. For the right to place their image on the game, each fan paid 19 euros. Borussia Park stadium plans embellished the tour. Borussia Monchengladbach will play their first home game today in front of 13,000 cardboard cut-out fans 📸— B / R Football (@brfootball) May 23, 2020 in Mönchengladbach became the attacking midfielder of the Leverkusen Kai Haverts . He scored two goals, scoring a second double after the Bundesliga quarantined. The 20-year-old German, for which leading European clubs intend to compete, is by far the best scorer of the post-coronary part of the season. No one but Haverz managed to score four goals in two matches. Cheeky from Havertz— Tolu (@tvlu_ad) May 23, 2020But immediately three goals were put into the goal net of Mainz by the Leipzig leader who was silent a week ago " Timo Werner . The guests in this match won 5-0, and after two meetings they defeated the opponent with a score of 13: 0! Moreover, in the first round, Werner also designed a hat-trick. The Bundesliga did not know this since the 1998/99 season, when Bayer striker Ulf Kirsten scored three goals each in both bouts with the Mönchengladbach Borussia … The Mainz twitter reacted with humor to the beating of his team Werner. After the Sunday game, the following entry appeared there: “Kloppo, when will you finally take him to your place?” It was an appeal to Jürgen Klopp who wants to see the Leipzig leader in the ranks of Liverpool. Kloppo, can you take him already? 🙄— Mainz 05 English (@ Mainz05en) May 24, 2020Werner has 24 goals in the Bundesliga 2019/20. This is the seasonal record for the German striker, who had never scored more than 21 goals in one championship before. And this is for Timo, of course, not the limit. There are still seven rounds ahead and, apparently, a fierce struggle for the title of top scorer with the striker of Bavaria Robert Lewandowski . He on Saturday marked the duty goal against the Eintracht goal, bringing his score to 27 goals. The Pole caught up with Ciro Immobile from Lazio, who had previously single-handedly led the dispute over the Golden Boot of the European season. But the Italian has a lot more matches. After all, Serie A will resume only in June. The leaders of the Golden Boot standings -2019/20 Penalty for Cherchesov, three goals for Klopp and a threat to De Bruyne. Hit parade of the 27th round of the Bundesliga 5 Thomas Müller was noted already 17th (!) in the season with an assist. And in the match against Wolfsburg, their forward 16th pass was made by the forward of the Dortmund Borussia Jadon Sancho . The race of the best assistants in the Bundesliga promises to be even more exciting than the snipers ’fight, and both Muller and Sancho really claim the absolute tournament record set in Kesin De Bruyne who then played for Wolfsburg . It seemed that the Belgian’s eternal achievement was in jeopardy. The best Bundesliga assistants 2019/20 Penalty for Cherchesov, three goals for Klopp and a threat to De Bruyne. Hit parade of the 27th round of the Bundesliga 6 Martin Hinteregger . A tour earlier, he was noted for incredible “salvation”, knocking the ball off the goal line after hitting the forward of striker Gladbach. Now, the Austrian scored two goals for Bayern in three minutes. And he cut one ball into his own net. It turned out a kind of hat-trick. Hinteregger has 8 goals this season. This is the best result among the defenders of the five top championships. Finally, the weekend gave the Russian fans a super-goal compatriot. The start of the Schalke defeat in Gelsenkirchen was marked by a direct free-kick from about 30 meters by the midfielder of the Augsburg Eduard Leuven . Savourez ce coup-franc de #Lowen! 💥 # S04FCA— Foot Allemand (@French_Bundes) May 24, 202023-year-old Leuven was born in Germany, but his mother and father are Russian immigrants who left our country in 1995. Therefore, Eduard has two citizenships at once and, since he has been played only in the German youth team, has not lost the right to play for the Russian team. This goal – the second for Leuven in the Bundesliga-2019/20 – is another reason for Stanislav Cherchesov to take a closer look at the midfielder of “Augsburg”. By the way, a year and a half ago, Eduard was already interested in Spartak, but then the footballer signed a contract with Hertha. He now belongs to the Berlin club. For the “Augsburg” Russian German stands on loan. Bundesliga. 27th round Hertha – Union – 4: 0
Freiburg – Werder Bremen – 0: 1
Paderborn – Hoffenheim – 1: 1
Wolfsburg ”-“ Borussia ”D – 0: 2
“ Borussia ”M -“ Bayer ”- 1: 3
“ Bavaria ”-“ Eintracht ”- 5: 2
“ Schalke ”-“ Augsburg ” – 0: 3
Mainz – Leipzig – 0: 5
Cologne – Fortuna – 2: 2 Standings Penalty for Cherchesov, three goals for Klopp and a threat to De Bruyne. Hit parade of the 27th round of the Bundesliga 7

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