Pau Gasol would welcome his career at the Lakers or Barcelona




The Spanish center Pau Gasol who is recovering from a foot injury from which he has "good feeling" admitted that the idea of ​​playing his last season as a professional in Los Angeles Lakers is "attractive" and it would also be to end his career playing in Europe at Barça .

" A final season in the Lakers is attractive, finishing at Barça is attractive but we will have to see the real possibilities and see what situation would be best for the circumstances of the moment," he said. Gasol during a virtual press conference to present the ' Pau Gasol Virtual Academy by Santander '.

The Spanish interior, twice NBA champion with the Los Angeles Lakers, assured that has "good feelings" in recovering from a fracture in a bone in his left foot and that the The pandemic's halt has given him "more time" to recover "calmer".

"My idea is to recover and not think about specific situations, go step by step, and if I see that my foot holds and is recovered, see what the better situation ", he added during the video conference presentation of his sports campus, which will be done virtually for the first time.

The center of Sant Boi (Barcelona) explained that, within the recovery of that injury, he has been "progressing in exercises and loads" but he is waiting for a foot test that "confirms that evolution".

"When I can do it and I can start running and jumping, I will have a lot more information to know for sure if the foot and the bone are consolidated for professional basketball," he explained.

Gasol, a three-time Olympic medalist with the Spanish team (silver in Beijing 2008 and London 2012; and bronze in Rio 2016) said he sees the Tokyo Games, transferred to July 2021, "a a little far "and recalled that the coronavirus pandemic forces everyone to" focus on the present "but admitted that he would like to play them.

"What I would like, my idea, is to arrive, to give myself the opportunity to participate, it was my goal this year, with the delay of the Games I save a little time but it is It is true that time passes for everyone, so we will see, "he said.

The NBA has approved a competition format to end the season that could start on July 31 and end in October, which would take the start of the next campaign to December, an aspect that could coincide that season with the Tokyo Games and affect the plans of Pau Gasol, who wished that there is no conflict between both competitions.

" I hope there is no conflict, that the NBA seeks a format that does not affect the Games and does not compromise the participation of any player," said Gasol.

Asked several times about the plans to restart the season of the American championship, which will be in a unique venue in Orlando (Florida) with 22 teams that will play eight games each before the 'playoffs', Gasol considered it "positive" that the season is over although there may be "some fear" among players .

"Most of the NBA players have voted that they want to play, to end the season, and I think it is a positive thing, and for the spectator as well. It is clear that there are certain reluctance, some fear , and that the players who go the furthest will be locked up in a hotel for three months even if it is a hot hotel, "argued Gasol.

For the double NBA champion it is an "innovative" format that is perhaps " rare for player and spectator " for seeing an empty hall or playing on a neutral court, but it showed convinced that the NBA "will work to give the best possible product".

" The mental factor and the discipline are going to be key for all the teams that want to advance and fight for the championship it will not be easy. In a concentration like those of the national team you can go out, eat out, they are not going to be able to, they are going to be isolated in the hotel, "said Gasol regarding the keys for the players.

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