Our mind is in full swing indignant at the cosmic salaries of foreign civil servants in the KHL

Our mind is in full swing indignant at the cosmic salaries of foreign civil servants in the KHL 5
The World Wide Web does not get tired of revealing details of the country’s plundering on an especially large scale through absolutely uncontrolled financing by state-owned companies of professional athletes, who are essentially ordinary budget employees civil servants. This time the list of the highest paid KHL players was found on the net, which breaks the brain no weaker than the Great October Socialist Revolution. This is impossible to believe. Although, in principle, everything was clear from the very beginning. I’m saying that the state, they say, has no money for retirees, and therefore half of the Russian men will now have to plow without ever hearing the final siren. In the form of a monthly allowance of one hundred – another euro. But we all, workers of pre-retirement age, are patriots in spirit. We are always ready to enter the situation and tolerate more if the native state needs. If everyone enters into this same situation without exception. But where there! Just look at the top 71 hucksters of KHL-2020, although a couple of years ago on the opening day of the 2018 World Cup we were pleased to hear that there is no more money for old people in Russia. My indignation and desire to tear everyone to shreds has no limit. The point here is not even the mockingly overestimated salaries of ordinary civil servants, the highest paid of which is 120 million rubles (and this is not for life, but for the season of 9 – 10 months!) The player receives a few years ago who received a delicious kick from the NHL due to banal professional unsuitability .In the same way, by the way, the manner of following Shipachev in the KHL was dived by the Russian Czech Yashkin, who was thrown out as unnecessary on the street in Washington. The Capitlaz felt that he didn’t deserve $ 1.1 million a year, but in Dynamo he was easily discharged 95 million rubles, which catapulted the rich KHL after Shipachev to the second place. Taking into account the difference in taxes in the USA and Russia, as well as premiums in the KHL, a downed NHL pilot will receive twice as much for our account as overseas. Thanks to this Czech-Russian bridge, we come to the most important, the pathos of our revealing note. Well, the state has no money for me with peers. Okay. We all understand tea, not boys. But then, let yourself and a couple of generations of heirs have bloody games and exhausting daily workouts — read, monstrous exploitation! – Russian mages of clubs and pucks will earn. That is, let the people's money even remain in the country. It would be so! Outraged our minds, and I’m ready to start a mortal battle when I saw and realized who makes the top 10 KHL players by salary. There are 8 foreigners in it. Do you hear the country ?! Eight foreigners, with our tacit connivance in conjunction with effective managers, cynically plunder the bins of our homeland! The sweetest thing is the countries that these gluttonous lads represent. I will not be mistaken if I say that most of our advanced youths dream of moving there meet. So, welcome! 3. SVEN ANDRIGETTO (Switzerland) – 90 million of our relatives cu per season. 4. JAKUB KOVARZH (Czech Republic) – 90 million rubles. 5. TEEMU HARTIKAINEN (Finland) – 90 million rubles. 6. JUSTIN AZEVEDO (Canada) – 85 million rubles. 7. ANTON LANDER (Sweden) – 85 million rubles. 9. PHILIP LARSEN (Denmark) – 80 million rubles. 10. JUHA METSOLA (Finland) – 80 million rubles. Apart from Shipachev, only Sergei Kalinin with 85 million wedged out of our top ten. Not even today – CSKA will terminate the contract with him tomorrow. Next in the top 71 is the public office of the KHL with annual salaries of 50+ million rubles – I repeat, this is without bonuses, and they can reach 20 percent of the contract! – featured: Swedes – six souls; Canadians – eight; Finns – four; Czechs – two; well, for surrender – after a German and a Frenchman. Total: 30 dollar millionaires (with premiums) invited from abroad to the civil service in the country, in which there is simply no money for their retirees. 30 dollar millionaire legionnaires who will not get anywhere close to the money that effective managers easily wrote to them at your expense in Russia. Well, friends, now you have: “Our mind is boiling, indignant, and in mortal ready to lead the battle? ”And now dessert! I invite everyone to our table of unprecedented generosity. After all, as you know, everything is known in comparison. So compare. MONTHLY AVERAGE PER MONTH (for simplicity of comparison – in US dollars) Russia – $ 788Switzerland – $ 6244Finland – $ 3908Canada – $ 3151Sweden – $ 2893Germany – $ 3332Germany 1454 With us together somewhere only Slav brothers are nearby. Yes, personally I don’t feel sorry for them – they have a similar mentality, everyone quickly learns the Russian language, honest and responsible people. Yes, and what lumps came – Jagr, Hasek, Rakhunek, Vashichek, Marek, Patera, Prokhazka, Kovarzh, Chervenka … But let someone try to explain to me what hangover KHL leaders for slaughter feed prosperous citizens at our expense countries of victorious developed capitalism?! How long ?! Is it true that Vladislav Tretyak and Vyacheslav Fetisov, the envoys of our favorite game in the highest legislative authority in the Russian Federation, do not give a damn about all this ?!

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