"Ortega was the best player in the world" | River Plate

"Ortega was the best player in the world" | River Plate 5

Germán Balcarce

2:58 PM

Ariel Ortega was one of the most skilled and unbalanced players in the history of River . So great was its importance in different titles that no one will forget the hitches, goals and assists . Not even his companions of those times, such as for example Hernán Díaz, the former incumbent right back for several years .

La Hormiga shared costumes with huge world-class figures such as Hernán Crespo and José Marcelo Salas, among others, but chose the Burrito and one more idol: "For me, Francescoli is in Olympus (NdeR: a very high mountain of Greece), but I also tell you that for me Ortega was the best player in the world. I cannot be objective ".

  "Ortega was the best player in the world" | River Plate 6
   River won the 1996 Libertadores against América de Cali

Marveling at the qualities of Jujeño, Hernán Díaz used to treat him frequently until the arrival of the mandatory quarantine because they both fulfill different roles in the Lower River Divisions. Even that generates an interaction between the former defender and El Muñeco: "I see Gallardo every day. We have a friendship. We train at Ezeiza. It seems incredible, but Marcelo knows who the side of the Eighth Division is, if he closed bad the side of the Sixth … It is incredible ".

Nostalgically, Díaz chose his moment of greatest satisfaction wearing the sacred cloak. " My best memory with River is when we raised the Libertadores in the Monumental. It gives me goose bumps . I feel the love of the people. It will be something that will last a lifetime. I enjoyed playing with so many monsters The River of the 90s was a team of the host, "he explained, on an Instagram Live with the journalist Federico Muiños.

 Hernán Díaz won 10 titles between his two cycles as a River player

Although that River squad had great offensive power, Hernán chose the current version: "Gallardo's River is the best in history. There will be nothing like Madrid. I don't want to exaggerate, but I feel like he won the game most important in the history of Argentine football ".

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