One hundred Spanish marinas and tourist ports receive the Blue Flag

Desiree Tornero


Spain has received a total of 688 Blue Flags: 589 from beaches, 98 from marinas and tourist ports and five sustainable tourist boats. Catalonia with 23, leads the number of ports, followed by Andalusia with 18, the Valencian Community with 14, Balearic Islands with 13, Galicia with 12 and the Canary Islands with five. Regarding the total of beaches, ports and boats, the Valencian Community stands out with 148 (134 + 14 + 0), followed by Andalusia with 120 (100 + 18 + 2); Galicia with 119 (107 + 12 + 0); Catalonia with 118 (95 + 23 + 0); Canary Islands with 56 (51 + 5 + 0); Balearic Islands with 54 (38 + 13 + 3) and Murcia with 32 (26 + 6 + 0).

The most significant increase in the number of Blue Flags has occurred in Andalusia, with 21 more Blue Flags for beaches . This is due to the joint work of the municipalities with the competent Administrations, to correct the breaches of the Coastal Law that led to the denial of Blue Flags in 2019, as well as the presentation of new candidate beaches.

“First of all, I want to congratulate all the marinas and tourists for obtaining the Blue Flag. This award involves effort and dedication and also the confirmation of the good work of the marines of our country. Since the state of alarm began, from the Spanish Federation of Sports and Tourist Port Associations, we have been doing important work with respect to tourism. Nautical tourism in Spain must have the prominence it deserves and these numbers confirm it. From the Feapdt we congratulate the municipalities for the number of blue flags received on their beaches ”, points out Gabriel Martínez, president of the Feapdt. Spain maintains its uninterrupted international leadership since 1987. Greece (514), Turkey (508), France (507), Italy (482) and Portugal (387) follow us in this classification at the international level.

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