one game every day and Hazard as a star



The game of every day is played eagerly, eagerly. Zidane recovers the time lost due to the coronavirus. They have been 81 days without being able to simply play a game, confined at home, training individually, and later working in Valdebebas with individual or small group sessions. Finally, after three weeks, Sanidad gave permission to be able to train normally and the soccer players appreciate it. The group's physical form is splendid and the star is Hazard. The Belgian looks with goals and dribbles. "Eden has returned", say in Valdebebas. Compete with Bale in being the best in each session .

The meeting they play at the end of each training session is the best of each working day in Valdebebas, next to the Alfredo Di Stéfano stadium, where they will elucidate the six home games that Real Madrid must play out of the eleven remaining for the end of the League . Today they trained very hard, on the fortieth anniversary of Real Madrid-Castilla .

The entire squad is ready to play; They know that they will all have minutes in a rhythm of one game every three dates and with 16 men who will play each day, thanks to the five changes that the coach will use because he must rotate the team every 72 hours

A Two points from the lead, the Whites want to decide the title especially in their field and they also rehearse on that pitch where they will tackle six championship days. Professionals are thoroughly employed, first in the physical session and then in the desired game, the hope of each day of work, with the illusion that we all had when we were children and could play a game.

This is how soccer players feel. They want to play with that illusion. There is only one thing to take from you to desire it more. The form of the squad is excellent, all ready to play. Zidane suffers from the blessed problem that Molowny said, that he has an oversupply of quality and only eleven play.

Now, the five changes will allow him to rotate much more and the matches every three days will also require a change of eleven, so that all the footballers know that they are going to play every two games and that truth makes them feel with enthusiasm and prepared to breastfeed in the hour or half an hour that they can enjoy each day.

Zizou has made this clear to him. they will have to give one hundred percent in one hour or whatever time they have, but they must get used to it, because after another three days they will play again.

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