On June 25th the Grand Prix of heavyweights

On June 25th the Grand Prix of heavyweights 5
will be held. The organizer of a unique event format was the promotion company YUKA Promotion. The prize fund of the first tournament of the Kings Trophy Kings Knockout series will be played by: Vitaly Kudukhov (Vladikavkaz) 103 kg / 185 cm Vladimir Markelov (Samara) 105 kg / 187 cm Dmitry Levashov (Novosibirsk) 110 kg / 205 cm Nikita Stogov (Novosibirsk) 115 kg / 189 cm Kureysh Sagov (Irkutsk region, Cheremkhovo) 99 kg / 101 cm Bogdan Grevtsov (DPR) 120 kg / 185 cm German Skobenko (DPR) 112 kg / 184 cm Alexander Klychkov (Moscow) 100 kg / 195 cm. Grand Prix of the super heavyweights “Kings of Trophy Kings” will be similar to the prestigious boxing tournament Prizefighter (from the English – a professional fighter), which became the prototype of the famous computer game. Held in the homeland of boxing in the UK since 2008, in various weight categories, the tournament quickly became popular. All fights were 3 to 3 rounds and took place on the Olympic system for elimination. In addition to the main prize for greater excitement, a reward for winning a knockout was added. The Russian version of the prestigious series of tournaments will differ from the English tournament in the final battle, which will be not 3, but 6 rounds of 3 minutes each. “Before the semi-finals and finals of the“ Kings of Trophy Kings ”two super-fights of 8 and 10 rounds will take place so that boxers can recover for at least 30 minutes to participate in subsequent fights. If the winner is injured and cannot take part in the next stage, then the loser will be replaced by the doctor’s appropriate admission, ”said promoter Zyaki Yunisov. The live broadcast of the tournament without spectators will begin on June 25 at 18.00 Moscow time on the MATCH Fighter channel.

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