Oleg Taktarov: Ferguson’s winning streak ended because of his age

MMA veteran Oleg Taktarov commented on the victory of American Justin Gatgi over Tony Ferguson’s first lightweight title. Recall that their fight led the UFC 249. defeated the opponent by technical knockout and became the interim league champion. “Gatzha was assembled, well done. Ferguson did not find an approach to him and was not yet ready in itself. This happens after a certain age, a person breaks down, metabolism breaks down, the psyche breaks, something happens. If earlier he could give a winning streak, then this time it ended, perhaps due to his age. This battle style, when you are plastic, extraordinary, works when the chuyka is at the highest level, and every year it will decline. People who know how to fight on the ground can perform for a long time. For example, Oleinik and Werdum today performed almost on equal terms, both 40 years old, but there is a stall. A stand is such a thing that speed goes away with age, a chuyka goes away even faster, and it happens that we saw it, ”TASSAROVA quotes TASS.

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