"No team has called me in these months"

The Spanish player Pau Gasol has assured that he has not received offers in recent months in which he continues recovering from a foot injury and He explained that it would have seemed "imprudent" that any of the 30 franchises in the NBA had knocked on his door for the upcoming season.

"No, no one has called me at this time. With all the movement that has been there and all the problems with COVID-19, the last thing franchises have thought of is in the future and in the following season. It would seem to me -even- an act of recklessness that they had made me an offer. It is time to finish this and then we will already think about the following season "said Pau Gasol in an interview.

It is attractive to finish in Los Lakers or Barça, we will see

"When he is fully recovered we will see what is the best situation. It is attractive to finish in the Lakers or Barça, but you have to see the real possibilities. See what would be better for the circumstances of that moment. I have an open mind and I want assess it objectively, "he said of his future. "We will see when October or November arrives and it is time to make a decision. If the bone heals and responds, whether in the NBA or in Europe, I want to return" he indicated.

In this sense, the Sant Boi admitted that Barcelona is the place "that makes the most sense" on a personal level, for his family and for having started his career at the culé club.

I am still working on recovery

When I recover it will be time to focus on my situation, to think about mine. Now, I continue working in recovery day by day, in my training, in being in good shape, and in doing everything I can from the position I am in, "said the Sant Boi, who He also referred to the format adopted by the NBA, which will kick off on July 31 at Disney World Orlando.

"They have been thinking exhaustively about how to resume this season and finally a formula agreed by all has been reached. It is a format accepted by the commissioner, by the players, by the technicians and by the union," added Gasol. , whose brother Marc will be fighting to get another NBA ring.

"Marc has to focus on the present"

The eldest of the Gasols believes that "it is not time to think about those girlfriends" after the rumors relating to Marc with several teams for the next course and who must "focus on the present". "The first thing is to see how the season ends, he will be in Orlando with Toronto, which is the second team from the East, and has a chance to fight for the title again . Then, in mid-October, when it starts free agency will think about this, "he stressed.

In other questions, Gasol – who has not played an official game for a year and a month – was very tough in his message against racism, so present these days in the United States. "I live this issue with sensitivity, concern and responsibility. Racism is present in many countries, at different levels and ways, but it is in all countries. And I think it is a time to reflect and say 'no' to racism forcefully "he indicated.

We must say 'no' to racism

"Even without tolerance or permissiveness because what is being lived in the United States is a reflection of many years, centuries of racial discrimination, violence against minorities -especially African-Americans- and it is time to say "We have come this far." This cannot continue like this and we are not going to accept it either as a country or as a society because we are not going to allow this attack on the integrity of people "he said. ]

"We have to fight racism at every moment, apply it in our countries, be tolerant and inclusive of differences because diversity is richness. Tolerance to racism has to be zero," added Gasol, who described protests "necessary" to achieve "real change".

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