Nico Rosberg is moved by the solidarity story of the taxi driver from Alcorcón



Nico Rosberg world champion of Formula 1 in 2016, has managed to get excited with a solidarity story featuring a driver of VTC of Alcorcón . The man was honored last Saturday, April 18, by the health workers of the Ramón y Cajal health center, who wanted to thank him for his disinterested help in transferring patients with symptoms to the ambulatory.

«It is a surprise that we have given to a taxi driver who takes patients without charge to the hospital ”, explains one of the health workers in the account The united taxi, the person in charge of a video with almost 13 million views. “We have given him an envelope with money and a dedication. We have called him to tell him that he had to make a transfer and it has been very exciting. He kept crying. "

The English writings Giles Paley -Phillips was one of those who surrendered to the story: "I'm not crying, you are," he wrote on Twitter, accompanying the story of the video. And that's where Rosberg also saw him, who like many others also fell shaken: «Very strong! To all who continue to support our society and offer help: thank you! You are a great inspiration ", wrote the German pilot, who retired shortly after winning his first world title.

Rosberg who spent part of his childhood in Ibiza, where his father Keke, also an F1 world champion, in 1982, has a house, so he feels closely linked to Spain.

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