NHL defines playoff format – Soviet Sport

On Thursday June 4, the National Hockey League announced what the playoff format of the 2019/20 season would be. The League’s official website reports that all Stanley Cup 2020 series will be played up to four wins, and after each round the teams will be re-sown. At the same time, in the qualifying round with the participation of teams that took places from 5th to 12th in their conferences, rivals will fight until three victories. When on May 26 the plan for the resumption of the season with the participation of 24 teams was announced, League Commissioner Gary Bettman said that the length of the series of the first and second round will be determined later. The tournament will begin with a qualifying round with 16 teams (the series will go up to three wins) and a group tournament to determine seeding in the playoffs among the four best teams of each conference. In each series, after the qualifying round, the team with the highest seeding, he will meet with the team with the lowest seeding, the second team will meet with the penultimate one and so on. In case of equality of points at the group stage, the percentage of points scored in the regular season will be taken into account. The subsequent seeding numbers for these teams will remain unchanged until the end of the playoffs. Recall that in the Eastern Conference, Boston, Tampa Bay, Washington and Philadelphia received tickets to the main playoff grid, and in the West – “ St. Louis, Colorado, Vegas and Dallas. These teams will hold mini-tournaments, determining seeding in the Stanley Cup main draw. The pairs of the qualifying round are as follows: East: Pittsburgh – Montreal Carolina – Rangers Islanders – Florida ”“ Toronto ”-“ Columbus ” West: “ Edmonton ”-“ Chicago ”“ Nashville ”-“ Arizona ”“ Vancouver ”-“ Minnesota ”“ Calgary ”-“ Winnipeg ”

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