Neymar, the player that loses the most market value during the pandemic

According to Transfermartk, the Brazilian has a current price of 128 million euros, 32 less than at the beginning of the year

 Differences in player prices.

Differences in player quotes.

The pandemic undermines the strength of Neymar . The Brazilian is the footballer who has lost the highest price due to the slowdown caused by the Covid-19 infections. Before the hiatus, the Paris Saint-Germain striker treasured a market valuation of 160 million euros and now this figure has dropped to 128 million according to reports prepared by Transfermartk, the German platform specialized in monitoring of transfers of soccer players. These studies are carried out with algorithms on performance, age, projection, team membership and the influence of the leagues in which the players participate. It is foreseeable that the value of the PSG scorer will drop in the coming weeks due to the cancellation of the French League. The opposite will happen with the players of the Bundesliga and the competitions that will start imminently: the Spanish, the Italian and the English.

On average, the price of footballers since the beginning of the year has decreased by 20%, according to the cross-checking of data prepared by Transfermarkt since the end of 2019 and those published in April. In the list of the 10 most quoted players, Neymar and Raheem Sterling (Manchester City) are the ones that yield the most in absolute numbers: 32 million. The skilled British striker will regain some consistency with the return of the Premier.

The heads of clubs, footballers and the media in France regret that the government closed the league tournament hastily. They believe that they should have waited longer to see the evolution of the pandemic.

From the moment that Emmanuel Macron decided to close down, Nasser bin Ghanim Al-Khelaifi he warned that the measure was very harmful to a entity that aspired to the maximum in the Champions League. If in the end the continental competition is disputed, the Parisian squad will participate in unequal conditions. The Qatari leader observes how his stars depreciate every week, while other emerging values, such as Erling Haaland rise whole with the revival of the Bundesliga. The slim Norwegian striker, at just 19 years old, is already ranked 21st in the ranking of the players with the highest cache on the market.

According to Transfermarkt, Borussia Dortmund's top scorer is worth 72 million, just eight million less than before quarantine, a figure much lower than the 32 million lost by Neymar and Sterling. Behind them is the quartet composed of Man Salah Kane De Bruyne with losses of 30 million. (See attached table). Following is Kylian Mbapp (leader in the Transfermarkt ranking), which has gone from 200 million to 180. The PSG forward has yielded 20 million, but in percentage it only represents 10%, half from the majority average. In the list of the privileged 10, with only a loss of 10%, only two other players appear: Jadon Sancho (Borussia Dortmund) and Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool). This trooper favors his age, since none of them is over 22 years old. quarantine

Soccer players, according to Transfermarkt, have devalued their price by 20% during confinement, a margin that approximates the results extracted from a study by the Auditor KPMG (a company that has awarded Real Madrid the title of the Most Valuable Club for the second consecutive year), which estimates that, overall, footballers will lose 17.7% of their price with closed-door championships and a 26.5%, if not resumed, as in the French League. A catastrophe for the market and for the countries that have temporarily parked football, so it is not surprising that the newspaper L'Equipe had the title 'Like idiots?' shortly after the return of football in Spain, England and Italy was confirmed. We see that our leaders have drawn different conclusions, and now we can say that we really are assholes, exclaimed Jean Michel Aulas president of Lyon.

The owner of the PSG foresees a loss of 200 million and To alleviate the deficit, he has proposed lowering the salary of the players, who could stop receiving more than 30%. Difficult times for representatives and managers, who fear that this summer there will be a 50% decrease in commercial transactions.

The coffers of the clubs have thinned due to the absence of television broadcasts, static advertising and ticket sales, so that bartering and loan management appear with more feasible alternatives to cushion the crisis. Barcelona and Real Madrid which can sign from July 1 to September 1, will not cause earthquakes. There will be few hires and second rank.

A turbulent and declining market, as has been certified with the first great signing of the end of the campaign. Paris Saint-Germain will pay Inter a little over 50 million -10 less than those valued by Transfermartk- for the acquisition of Mauro Icardi . A year ago, the Argentine was worth close to 100 million. The pandemic dictates forced austerity.

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