New wink from Setién to Neymar and hint to Bartomeu

Sergi FontBarcelona
  Updated: 05/23/2020 11:53
 Related newsAlthough Barcelona's priority objectives for the next season are Lautaro Martínez and Pjanic Quique Setién insists that they sign Neymar, a footballer who seems ruled out due to the high price he has and the economic problems of the Barça entity. The coach took advantage of an interview on BeIN Sports to throw a new wink at the Brazilian and put pressure on the president. «It is the same explanation, of course I would love to someday be able to someday train Neymar more would be missing, but like any other footballer, we are talking about a level that… fortunately I have already been able to achieve one of the dreams of training the best player in the world, which is Leo, and we'll see what comes next, but I know [Iwouldbedelighted of course . ”The names of Pjanic and Lautaro also received an analysis by the coach. "I've always said that. I have always liked all the great footballers and obviously, as they are great, they are all likely to be in large teams like Barcelona. He is a great player as are dozens of them who appear in the press every day and who could really play here, "he explained of the Bosnian. And about the Argentine, he pointed out that «we are all clear that there are 4 or 5 footballers who play in that position that are extraordinary and that any of them are likely to be in Barcelona. In reference to this player, is a player who can be very good in this team as well as others who may be at his level. ”Also, he also valued some of his own team names. To begin, he wanted to clarify a few words of his in which he was opposed to Messi who had assured that with the team they had, they did not give them to win the Champions League. The technician wanted to settle the controversy. «It is a subject that has generated some debate but I think that, in summary, we both know what we mean. The reality is that we are both convinced that we want to win the Champions League and that we can. It is true that things must always be improved, but there is no doubt that we are both convinced that the team has enough raw material to win the Champions League, ”he insisted. And he referred to the state of form of Luis Suárez after overcoming his knee injury: «He is not fully recovered. He is already working with the group, he practically does everything with his colleagues but it shows that he is lacking in condition and confidence. It has been stopped for a long time, an operation has passed, we have spent two months practically slowing down its progress but obviously shortly, I do not know if it will be three weeks, two or four, but surely when we start playing we will see it ». He asked about other players who are also overcoming injuries, such as Dembélé and Umtiti . Of course I see them recoverable. It is true that there are streaks, it happened to me when I was 20 years old. First fracture of the tibia and fibula, then the knee, and you think it will end. In the case of Dembélé he will surely recover . Umtiti has a minor problem but they will surely recover and contribute to the team ”. And by others who could enter some operations and with whom the club could deposit money this summer, as is the case of Arthur and Semedo: «I really have nothing to say about the future of the players. I am very focused on what we have ahead, at work, I am going to need all the players because we do not know the circumstances how they will develop once the competition resumes and there is much left to finish, you cannot be speculating With these things, I can count on everyone and I hope that everyone is able to perform at their best in the eleven games that remain. "

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