New government measures: football continues "behind closed doors" | River Plate

New government measures: football continues "behind closed doors" | River Plate 5

Germán Balcarce

20:46 hs

The press conference that the President of the Nation, Alberto Fernández gave tonight served for the announcement of a new series of measures to combat the expansion of the coronavirus . Beyond maintaining the determination that there are no events involving crowds, the country's top political official made an announcement about the most popular sport: "If soccer is played behind closed doors, I see no problem" .

 There are negotiations for soccer to be televised through cable operators, without having to make any payment

After stating his position when asked about the continuity of football, Fernández warned that he would like the games to be broadcast "on open television" making it clear that he intends that the encrypted channels, TNT Sports and Fox Sports Premium give in to the absence of the public in the stadiums. In fact, there are already negotiations for both signals to free the parties so that they are available through normal cable, that is, without any charge . In any case, the AFA, the Executive Committee of the Super League and Argentinian Association Footballers must meet to resolve whether it is advisable to maintain the activity in the face of possible risks of contagion.

With regard to issues that go beyond sports, the President of Argentina adopted an extraordinary measure: "During the next 15 days we will close the borders, only Argentineans or resident foreigners may enter" . How does it affect football? It is clear that by no means will the competition return in the Copa Libertadores soon, where River has yet to play four matches for Group D.

In addition, Fernández ordered that there be no classes during the rest of the month for all educational levels, be they state or private establishments . He even added that his intention is that jobs that have the possibility of being carried out remotely grant that flexibility, taking into account the desire to avoid large mobilizations of people on public transport.


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