Nepomniachtchi defeated Vashier-Lagrava in armageddon

In the second round, Russian grandmaster Yan Nepomnyashchi played with Frenchman Maxim Vashier-Lagrave. The first batch of white Jan lost. Then there were two draws. And the Russian dog squeezed the opponent in armageddon. Recall the tournament regulations. Each match consists of four rapid games (15 minutes + 10 seconds), the winner will receive three points, the loser – zero. With an equal score of 2: 2, Armageddon will be played, as a result of which the winner will receive two points, the loser – one. Four rounds of the knockout finals will be determined based on the results of the round robin tournament. In addition to Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura and Fabiano Caruana (both from the USA), Anish Giri (Netherlands), Dean Liren (China), Maxim Vashye-Lagshrav (France), Yan Nepomnyashchy ( Russia) and Alirez Firuzdzh (Iran). Prize fund – 250 thousand dollars. The winner will receive 70 thousand. Approve the coaches, convene the conference, what else? What to expect from the Board of the RBU On Monday morning, the next meeting of the Board of the Russian Biathlon Union will take place. 04/19/2020 13:30 Biathlon Chikiris Oleg Nina Moser: If ISU decides to host the World Cup, then no earlier than December, the Russian figure skating trainer Nina Moser told Soviet Sport how she observes the isolation regime. 04/12/2020 09:00 Figure skating Volokhov Yuri Arthur Beterbiev: Canadian flag instead of Russian? This was screwed up by Ukrainian TV men, World Light Heavyweight Champion according to WBC and IBF, Arthur Beterbiev spoke about the situation in Canada and plans for the future. 04/14/2020 09:00 Boxing Usachev Vladislav “Polkhovsky was kicked out of three countries, and the RBU is moving him to the head coach” Four-time Olympic champion Alexander Tikhonov – on the candidacy of Valery Polkhovsky for the post of head coach of the Russian national team. 04/10/2020 16:00 Biathlon Volokhov Yuri Fedun called Schurrle's transfer a financial failure. Controversial statement In the 2019/20 season, RPL clubs made many no less disastrous deals. Including Spartak. 04/20/2020 5:30 p.m. Football Bezyazychny Alexei Yekaterina Bobrova: And then Zhulin slapped me in the face … (video) Olympic champion Yekaterina Bobrova, even before the introduction of quarantine, visited the Sovetsky Sort press center. Today we publish the second part of the conversation. 04/07/2020 13:00 Figure skating Volokhov Yuri, Ivanova Daria, Klyuchnikova Anastasia, Tigay Lev Alexander Tikhonov: Withdraw from the Board of the RRF? Drive a filthy broom Drachev and his team Four-time Olympic champion Alexander Tikhonov spoke about the Board of the Russian Biathlon Union held yesterday. 04/08/2020 5:00 p.m. Biathlon Volokhov Yuri Karpina is being married in Loko, Grigorenko is losing much of his salary, Drachev is losing ground In the section “While you slept” – about what happened in the world of sports since last night. 04/21/2020 08:00 Football Chikiris Oleg "Tennis, I say goodbye to you …". Maria Sharapova’s column Maria Sharapova announced the separation from sports in a touching letter published in the VanityFair publication.

02/26/2020 18:00 Tennis Anisimov Vadim Alena Leonova: Do families break up during quarantine? My husband and I are definitely not threatened by the Vice-world champion in figure skating Alain Leonova – about life in quarantine. 04/21/2020 08:30 Figure skating Volokhov Yuri

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