MotoGP 2021 has already started



The bikes start to shyly leave the drivers' garages. Authorized for training the Marquez brothers already enjoy motocross, the Aspar team has summoned its riders to start rolling. Waiting for the return of the MotoGP 2020 World Championship to be authorized for that magical date that excites the paddock on July 19 in Jerez . Although it is a shortened World Cup, with restrictions and doubts, but MotoGP after all.

However, and even though the traffic light has not yet turned green in this course, the teams are already planning a 2021 that They expect less hectic organizationally, but that already points to entertaining in terms of negotiations, possibilities and names. The work in the offices has not been stopped even by the coronavirus. Hence, pilots who can configure the grid for 2021 even before running 2020 begin to come to the fore.

One of these prominent names is Pol Espargaró an option that Honda contemplates to incorporate him as a partner of Marc Márquez. The Catalan rider, who turns 29 on Wednesday, who was a rival to Márquez himself for a good part of his career in lower categories, contesting the titles in 2010 and 2012, has been in MotoGP since 2014. ABC insured last year that it costs, after so many years, to continue celebrating sixth place as higher levels. In his CV with KTM: third in Valencia 2018, sixth in France and seventh in Catalonia and San Marino in 2019. But he lacks that point to be able to fight for victories; He admitted in Dazn that the Honda was a motorcycle that was not bad for his style.

However, he stopped with a "gossip" that supposed verbal agreement. His representative also denies it, but admits the possibility: “It is not true that I have any verbal agreement with Honda. You have three options on the table: Honda, Ducati or continue with KTM ». On the subject, this is how Alberto Puig, HRC team manager spoke: «We are always thinking about the future. Despite this year's circumstances, we have to keep looking for the best future for Honda. We have no contract signed with anyone that has not already been announced. ”

Domino effect

Nothing signed, but option after all, which would result in the departure of Álex Márquez younger brother of the eight-time world champion, who only signed a contract for this 2020 and has not even debuted in the top flight. To complicate your stay, the Covid-19 shortens your options to prove that you can win a seat in the long run. I don't set goals. Being realistic I have a lot to learn and improve. My first goal is to understand the bike to the fullest. Above all, do not stagnate ”, admitted to this newly released newspaper his contract. If the incorporation of Espargaró is confirmed, his future may be in LCR, on the motorcycle of Nakagami or Crutchlow.

It should be remembered that the incorporation of the little one from the saga into the team led by his brother was decided in just three days, just 72 hours after Jorge Lorenzo announced that he was retiring from MotoGP after a gray campaign dressed in orange.

And it is the Mallorcan rider himself who sneaks back into the World Cup showcase, since his words from his goodbye understand messages that his withdrawal was not always final. He was even going to participate in the Catalan Grand Prix with an invitation. I think I closed that chapter, at least for the time being. I don't think I need to try or come back, but you never know in this life ». If they called him, he would come back if he can fight for the title. Ducati, with Miller confirmed expects Dovizioso (34 years old) to renew; the Majorcan would be his plan B.

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