More immunity for Barcelona

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  Updated: 06/03/2020 08: 10h
 Related newsPandemics and diseases do not distinguish between creeds, races, nationalities, or classes. On the contrary, they equal all mortals. The Covid-19 has been in charge of representing him by infecting five players and two Barcelona coaches, who have taken refuge in medical confidentiality to avoid speaking out on ABC's questions. However, these are cases that have already been overcome and in which all those affected are free of the virus although they gave positive results in the tests that the League carried out on May 6. According to the information revealed by Rac-1, these would be cases considered as asymptomatic and, obviously, by now they have overcome all the effects of the coronavirus. At the time, the League acknowledged having detected 160 cases in which Antibodies would have been detected and they would already be immune to Covid-19, a much higher number than the five that still had the active virus. The Espanyol with 10 affected, and the Valencia, which revealed 35 percent positives in the analyzes carried out on players, coaches and employees, were the two clubs in the highest category affected by the pandemic. Being a problem for the teams that have footballers in their ranks who have suffered from contagion by coronavirus, different studies determine that it becomes an advantage, indirectly benefiting the group. It is what is called «herd immunity» also known as collective or group immunity, which occurs when a sufficient number of individuals are protected against a certain infection and act as firewalls preventing the agent Outreach to those who are not protected. Some medical doubts In any case, medical sources consulted point out that the fact that a serological test finds antibodies in the body does not mean that this person cannot contract the disease again or cannot transmit it. "The scientific evidence only shows that people who have had it, if they become infected again, will probably develop a milder picture ," Dr. Benito Almirante, head of the Disease Service, clarified in statements to ABC. Infectious diseases of the Vall d'Hebron Hospital in Barcelona. Another of the unknowns that have not yet been cleared is how long the immunity period lasts. «The people who have the best guarantees of being protected against SAR-CoV-2 are those who have suffered from the infection; therefore they present antibodies in their organism that indicate that they have fought against the virus, and these antibodies are really neutralizing, that is to say they are capable of stopping the virus, although today this has only been seen in tests and serological tests do not specify it, "he points out.

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