Montiel, in the sights of a historic Serie A club | River Plate

Montiel, in the sights of a historic Serie A club | River Plate 5

Germán Balcarce

15:11 pm

Gonzalo Montiel evolved a lot in River during the last season . He always showed solidity in the brand, but with Marcelo Gallardo he knew how to grow in the projection and improved his productivity a lot on the offensive level. That is why it is causing more and more interest in Europe, where clubs from four different leagues have it in their sights.

West Ham United, Bayer Leverkusen and Real Betis, were joined by a historic Serie A club like Torino . According to the prestigious Italian sports newspaper Tuttosport River's right back appears in the plans of the classic Juventus rival.

"Montiel, from River Plate, a club with a historic friendship with Torino, is one of those chosen as a possible reinforcement for the departure, among others, of the Argentinean Cristian Ansaldi when the European summer pass market reopens" Tuttosport noted.

  Montiel, in the sights of a historic Serie A club | River Plate 6
   "Montiel, the idea for the right wing", titled the Italian newspaper

Although Montiel's exit clause is 15 million euros the outlook for the next pass market indicates that an eventual transfer will have to be below that amount. Especially when taking into account that the Millionaire player does not have a community passport that facilitates his arrival in the Old Continent without occupying a place as a foreigner.

"Before the coronavirus the maximum offer that had come for Gonzalo had been 15 million dollars . Today, with all this pandemic, that an offer of that number is impossible," warned Marcelo Carracedo, representative of the 23-year-old defender. "The only formal offer the past championship had was that of West Ham ," he said.

In addition, Carracedo, from a past as a player in Platense and Rosario Central, among other clubs, estimated a quote: "When there is an official offer, River transmits it to me and we talk. They are open to listen. It depends on River. At the moment, if there was something around 15 million, they let it go. Today that number is impossible. Any offer that comes is going to be much less than that. Today 8 million is a good offer ".

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